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Building The Berserker

I mean so do steroids for bodybuilders but that doesnt mean its healthy.Since when was it healthy for a 15 year old kid to eat 3000cal before bed?Perhaps this is a one time thing,but if he does this every day…

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  1. When was dinner = before bed?
  2. How is it unhealthy? (serious question)
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Nope. it’s perfectly fine.

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this is just silly… you cant compare consuming 3000 calories to steroid use (completely different things).


Hey for everyone who is talking about my recent eating log post, that was a very unplanned cheat meal and would not suggest it to anyone as something to do regularly. My appetite was just endless that day for no specific reason, so I decided that since my metabolism was up, It’d be good day to cheat.
As for the protein I agree with Dukey, it’s most definitely bro science and I eat more than 40g a meal and most definitely eat 40+g for dinner plus a protein snack before bed and the only noticeable thing that has happened to me was these large tumor’s growing around my neck and shoulders… AKA MY GIGANTIC TRAPS BABY! WHOO!
As for body comp & digestion efficiency, not a smart move (But an enjoyable one)

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@strongmanbrett what is better for strongman? High bar squats or low bar

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Shit I better shut my face before I cop one too


You wanna see a noob get roasted? Read these threads from when i first joined :joy:


I never compared them.I simply stated that if something works it doesnt mean its healthy.

You stated “i mean so do steroids for bodybuilders, that doesn’t mean its healthy.” You made a comparison. You compared bodybuilders taking steroids “working for them” and being unhealthy to @alex_yu’s post saying “It clearly works for him” which in this instance was brett consuming 3k calories which you view as unhealthy. Again 2 completely different things… a poor choice of wording

Wheres your proof 3k cals at once is unhealthy?

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Read this.

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Well I think where you place the bar on your back is about preference.
Stance and variation of squat I think are a bit more important to strongmanning.

SSB & Front Squats will be your bestfriend in strongman.

SSB just because it really carries over to deadlift well

Front Squat carries over well to almost everything in strongman.
If you can’t front squat it, you most likely aren’t going to press it.
It also takes a lot of stress off the lower back.

Barbell Back Squat carries over well to yoke and all around leg strength.

Personally I make the front squat and SSB Squat priority on my squat days and use barbell squats as a secondary movement just because I like to Back Squat.

High-bar always put me in a position where it’d make my hips hurt, low-bar was just comfier.

I’ll call on @strongmanvinny2 because I believe he has a lot of insight on squatting for strongmen.

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9/12/18- Squats & Deadlifts (What was supposed to be a deload)
Deadlifts W/Medium Bands (Maybe add 90-100lbs up top)
135lbs/62kg x5
225lbs/102kg x5
265lbs/120kg x5x3
285lbs/129kg x2
305lbs/138kg x2
325lbs/147kg x2
(actually got these on video! gonna throw them up on my IG later)

3ct. Paused Squats-
135lbs/62kg x2
185lbs/84kg x2
225lbs/102kg x4x6
"Keep it light this week"
275lbs/124kg x1
295lbs/133kg x1
315lbs/142kg x1 (This is a PR for Belted Paused Back Squats, but without a belt! True Story Bro)

The rest of today was in the most literal sense, fluff work.



Note: I’m sorry y’all had to read that^ lol.



Deload fail lol

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I’ve doing high bar squats but they never seem to feel good so i moght try out low bar. Also i keep trying to front squat my back squats so i think doing box squats will help

After this training cycle I’ll definitely start doing SSB squats

Front squats are great

So you dont think back squatting is essential?

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That’s kind of useless. Did you just do a google search for studies and not even read it?

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I think front squat and SSB squat are the best for strongmen. Back squats are fantastic too, and there’s no reason to not train it if you enjoy it and it feels good, but I think primary focus should be shifted toward front or SSB for the majority of your squat work.

I personally do not back squat because it always jacks up my hips and lower back, but it certainly helps to have a big back squat. To me, being able to front squat 500lbs means anything I press overhead, or carry is going to feel that much more comfy, than if I focused solely on back squats.

P.S. not fun to train yoke and back squat in conjunction during a training cycle. Good for the off season.


For strongman, no. Also box squatting is a great variation. May I also suggest pause squats. They suck but they really help drill in motor pattern and more TUT = More Strength & Juicier Quads.

I’ve never tried low bar so im going to give it a try but i have the same problem as you. Back squats make me feel like shit.

Since back squats carryover well to yoke and you dont back squat , what exercises do you do that has good carryover to yoke?

Thanks man. I think i might give low bar box squats a try and if that goes well move on to paused low bar. High bar does not agree with me