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Building The Berserker: The Big Push

7/717 Friday
Today was my bench day. Heavy bench day but everything moved well.
3x4 Bench W/Legs up @125lbs
2x4 Close Grip Bench @115lbs
First time benching in a month or so. Got into my groove pretty quick. Felt like I could go heavier but I decided not to.
4x10 Chest Supported DB Rows on Incline Bench (RPE 7-8)

3 sets to failure on Diamond Push-ups -16,12,10
Super Set with
3x8 Side Lateral Raises

Not a great nutrition day, but I definitely slept well. Boxing camp for the kids is over and I will no longer be coaching them. I will be getting into the boxing gym early in the AM and doing some skill work/cardio with current pro boxer Agustin Rodriguez as well as help him with strength training. Also hopping my caloric intake to 3,000cal a day now as I’m done cutting.

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14 years old , 5 months of training and squatting 330 ibs. Dude your going places aye .

Thanks man, as are you.

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My pleasure. The strongman community as a whole is full of camaraderie and support, even rivals in competitions will cheer each other on. It makes the whole experience that much better. And you’re at a great starting point!

About a year

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Damn, you guys mke me feel weak. 15 years old, 4 months training with a 220 squat and 275 deadlift.

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Everyone has to start somewhere man. Your deadlift isn’t bad for 4months. Eat big and train hard and everything will fall into place. Also props for starting so early, it is a big advantage to start at our age.

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True just get in the gym and put in the work.

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Nah man your deadlift is actually good! Everyone starts somewhere and its good you have started.

7/9/17 Sunday
Up at 2:42 AM having issues sleeping.
I decided to make my plan for working out next block and nutrition
Meal 1: 6:50Am
1 scoop of Syntha-6 in 8oz Milk

Meal 2 7:00Am
4 eggs, 1/2 Avocado, Sauerkraut, 10oz of Orange Juice

Meal 3 9:00Am
1 cup brown Rice, 4oz of turkey, 1/2 Avocado

Meal 4 11:00Am
8oz Chicken, 1cup brown rice, 1 cup northern beans, 1 cup yogurt, 3oz Strawberries, 3oz Blackberries

Meal 5: Post-workout
4oz Turkey, 8oz Sweet potato, spinach n’ stuff

Meal 6: Supper
Whatever mom makes (usually pretty healthy)

Meal 7: 9:30Pm
1 scoop of Syntha-6 in 8oz of milk

I am going to begin to get into morning boxing. I used to do amateur fights.
Wins 7 -2 by TKO 1 by KO 4 by UD
Losses 2 -Both by TKO
Draw 1
10 bouts in all competed in 130 - 145lbs Weight class

For my next strength block I will hopefully have some new toys for the gym. I will be training my DL twice a week and squat once a week. Lots of back work happening that cycle and lots of conditioning. Very excited.

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7/10/17 Monday
Energy and motivation was good, execution was disgusting.
3x4 Highbar Squats @225lbs
2x4 Paused Highbar Squats @175lbs

Sandbag Carries 3xmax distance

Geez where do I start with today. Got to boxing in the morning, got a lot of sleep, ate all my food. Then I hit squats. Today was my heavy day but everything moved horrendously slow and it was just a bad day. Failed 205lbs for my warm-up :confused: Every squat at 225lbs felt like RPE 9, Knees ached, and my hip joints felt like they were being ripped out of place everytime I went down. Got it all done but seriously reconsidering doing a less intense training program as I am overloading and destroying my CNS around two times a week. Gonna finish this cycle up, Deload


Currently deloading and working on boxing skills and fight conditioning. Really doing a lot of recovery work and core strengthening exercises. I’ve also been focusing a lot on dips and weighted dips this last week. Overall feeling a lot better. This coming up training cycle will last around 10 to 12 weeks. I’m gonna really focus on High rep work while making micro jumps with weights. This will be a whole new idea for me because I’m used to heavy weight and low reps. I’ll be starting a 20 rep Squat program and some hundred rep assistance work. I will be doing some near maximal work by the end of my cycle mainly for speed and staying good at maxing. Also adding to my diet about a quart of milk a day. I have listened to the George Leeman a lot and what he talks about makes sense and I will be trying it.

In as fook.

Looking forward to seeing your progress

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I made very good progress doing 531 for hard gainers. If you’re looking for programs, you should consider it and during the “sled” work, carry things, push a sled, strongman stuff.

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Wish I could but I have very limited supplies to my home gym (I’m currently confined to that area) once I am able to go to Metroflex I can start that stuff again. Although if I can manage it I can probably push a car a few times in the cycle. I used 531 for a while but eventually started to stall on it. Also my body responds very well to volume and high reps. Currently in progress of getting a power rack and better bench instead of some walmart brand squat rack lol. Next on my list is a Safety Squat Bar and then I’m gonna find some time hopefully this week or next to buy a keg and get a tractor tire. After that I will consider getting more strongman equipment.

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In for progress. Nice to see another fellow Texan. I live in Houston, so try to keep hydrated in this humid weather. Best wishes!!!

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What a day… 7/17/17 Monday
First time doing 20rep Squats
Back Squat 1x20 @155lbs
Deficit Deadlifts
Cluster Sets 2 Reps every 15sec for 8minutes @225lbs
100 Rep DB Srugs @30lbs
100 Rep DB Leg Curl @35lbs

Surprisingly did not puke my guts up on the squats, but it went from an RPE 6 to an RPE 9 Very quickly.
I started to feel the hell and burn at my 10 or 12th rep. I was in my zone completely in a void kind of. I sounded like a struggling animal according to my parents so I guess that means I did good.
Deficit Deads felt good aside from leg fatigue. Moved as fast as I wanted them to and were around RPE 7-8. Shrugs and Leg Curls burnt everything else out and went smoothly. I have begun swimming and boxing before I do my main workout. I plan on doing swim and water polo for highschool as it is easy on the joints. Chocolate milk and Ben & Jerry’s has become my best friend for recovery lately. A good training day and great sleep habits. Note: Texas Humidity feels horrible

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Back on track with training. Today went very smoothly.
Back Squat 1x20 @160lbs
Plate Pinches 3x15sec Hold. (10lb Plates with a 5lb Plate Sandwiched in the middle)
Strap Deadlifts 1x15 Per hand. @35lbs (Basically using a thin strap to hold on to the weight plate)
Note: Strap Deadlifts are pretty hard, its like doing pull-ups while holding onto a rag.

I have come to fear leg day now, I have to mentally prep all day to get ready for leg day. Things went smoothly today. I woke up kinda late, but I still got to box. Also today was my first day actually working with a swim coach. DO NOT EVER EAT MILK AND SANDWICHED BEFORE YOU SWIM. I had to learn that lesson the hard way, once I was done with the workout I proceeded to puke up all my precious calories in the bushes. Squats went well and once again went from RPE 6 to RPE 9 very quickly. I will not be able to workout next week because I am going to a Maritime Careers camp in Galveston. I am able to swim but I have no clue if they have a gym on the campus. What can I do that week besides swim and run? I’m thinking about sneaking in some battle ropes if I can fit them lol.

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Hey guys quick update. I haven’t been posting because of a fractured wrist. I have been given the “OK” from doc to start regular training. I tested maxes about about 3 days ago and I’m not disappointed, but not happy. My weight has jumped to 180lbs (6lbs of not muscle added). I Generally kept eating as I had while working out so I wouldn’t lose strength. Deadlift 315lbs, Squat 295, OHP 165. Not so bad. My athleticism and body composition took a good hit so you guys get to see something I have not done in a While. Cut Weight! I have a competition in January that I want to compete in. I want to become as conditioned, athletic, and strong as I can be. I decided to cut calories and have 2 Re-feed days so I don’t burnout to fast. Luckily I’m a young buck and can continue to make strength gains while cutting. Sorry to become inactive without telling y’all.

165 pound OHP at your age and weight is pretty impressive! (i couldnt even bench 100 pounds at your age) keep up the good work and hopefully that wrist doesnt give you too much headache in the future