Building That Trap Peak

I was just wondering if anyone knew what exercises “peaked” your traps. My lower and middle traps are quite developed but are still quite flat on the top. I do overhead press and shoulder shrugs. Thanks for any ideas

Doing Dead lifts Helped my grow much Bigger traps coz when ur standing upright straight… Alot of that weight is acting on your Traps.

Theres DB shrugs, But also theres a machine for doing Shrugs on.

something like that, some alter in shape and size, but all do same job.

Lift Heavy, Make sure you have the Proper Grip.

The grip is Essential, Difference between working your shoulders, or your upper back…

But throw alot of weight for traps, found they can tolerate alot of weight… just careful

heavy weight When gripped properly and standing Straight back, For a while i THINK should Put stress on ur traps
i.e muscle growth…

Try anyways,

BUT dead lift helped me alot.

Power shrugs have helped me a lot because you can use more weight than normal shrugs

try some of these.

Both have some really nice tips and exercises!

do a site search for traps. Cant remember which one it is, but theres a workout that has all kinds of unique lifts that hit them. my favorite is the overhead shrug, made my traps look like slabs of meat coming out of my neck.

I use a snatch grip and press the weight over my head, then just shrug. the motion may feel odd, and it doesnt always hit me right away, but usually two sets in I feel like I miay, in fact, die at the power rack.

Also, try doing heavy db shrugs leaning forward a bit, or reversed on a incline bench concentrating on squeezing your traps back more than up towards your ears. As embarrasing as it is, I also got a pair of hooks because my traps could handle more weight than my grip.

speaking of weight, Ive gotten more out of less weight and better range of motion than more weight and just barely moving the weight. But like stated above, you MUST hit them heavy and often. thats not to say that super heavy partials dont work, but you need to be touching your ears for some sets.

one more thing, two really: try holding the contraction at the peak for as long as you can and GO HEAVY!!


What helps my traps grow a lot is isometric holds at the top of the ROM. Fighting against the weight sliding down my hips.