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Building Strong as F**k Abs?


Apparently my abdominal strength is hindering my squat, so I am going to start getting my abs strong as shit. What do you guya recommend for this purpose?


I'm a big fan of wheel rollouts/barbell rollouts, pallof presses, landmines, and forms of planks...

There are a ton of articles on this site though for stuff like that:



Just not crunches, sit-ups, that stuff...please not them...anything but them...






im sorry but do you want you abs as strong as fuck or just as strong as shit?


Everyone knows, you have to be strong as shit before you can be strong as fuck.


Train them like you do other muscles with LOAD, heavy more sets as opposed to reps and as well you need to mix it up and use the core in the way it was meant and the way you use it in a squat and in life. Tom prevent unwanted movement not to create movement in flexion like most abdominal moves. I actually recently wrote and article on just that very topic the use of static moves to build a strong stiff core. Load up and do things like planks suit case holds and carries, dragonflags, then as well more traditional movement stuff like heavy spread eagle sit ups, sit ups laying reverse on a ghr with load, rotational work. Pick one each training session and put 2 -4 hard sets in


Oh and like Dave Tate says at the end of this interview we did with him on Iron radio when asked about abs and what to do. Anything as something is going to be better then the nothing your likely doing now. Keep it simple work hard and breif.


Gonna have to get strong as shit first. Then I'll start working on getting them strong as fuck. Gotta learn to walk before you can run and all that.

For the non sock puppet people, thanks for the help.


what does "sock puppet people" mean lol? im sorry if i didnt take your hardcore attitude seriously.

yo dawg ima gonna get sum strong as shit abs dude then il be strong as fuck!


A sock puppet is an alternate internet persona for someone that wants to post content on a message board that he would otherwise be unwilling to post under his regular screen name. Like you.
As for the hardcore attitude, that was pretty tongue in cheek.


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Actually, situps with a plate behind your head will humble you to the fullest


I have recently come back direct ab trainign after a long hiatus. Here's what I like:

-heavy DB sidebends (good for grip too)
-sit-ups on a GHR bench
-straight leg sit-ups on the floor
-hanging leg raises

I still am a big fan of indirect training- I'm thinking of light deads and good mornings with no belt.


Heavy front squats will really strengthen the core. Overhead squats are even better than front squats but they require a lot of flexibility to do them right. In terms of direct core work standing cable crunches, and heavy side bends do a really good job. Oh yeah dont train with a belt on anything.


Front squats and overhead squats will strengthen your core like crazy. For direct core work standing cable crunches, and heavy side bends are good as well. Also not training with a belt will help.


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Suitcase deads and BARbell sidebends are always really fun. The use of the BB for sidebends means you've got to stabilise a hell of a lot more.


in addition to whatothers have said, one obivious but overlooked factor:
if you haven't already get rid of the lifting belt. I mean learn to train and lift without it, yes heavy too, that will strengthen and thicken your abs.