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Building Specialty Bars


I am getting into metalworking and want to build some more gear for my gym. I already built a rack mounted glute-ham and a convertible prowler. I want to make some specialty bars. I have a plan drawn up for an adjustable camber SSB, but beyond that I don't know what else to build.

Jim, what specialty bars are the best, and how would you program them in a typical 5/3/1 template?


Here you go:


Do you have a ballpark idea what the spacing is between grips on a football bar or the camber on the cambered squat bar?

How would you program cambered bar or SSB squats as assistance movements with 5/3/1?


We use those bars as either supplemental movements or part of the Old Man Crew. This is discussed in the Beyond book in length.
But in general, as discussed in articles, the SS Bar is used as part of building the Dumb Strength


Thanks, Jim. I’ll dig back into Beyond and find it.