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Building psychoPecs

Heya Manimals. Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that, among other things, I’d like to increse my Pec size and thickness. As far as sets and reps are concerned, am I better off in the 4 sets of 4-7 range or 4 sets of 8-10 or what? I was doing supersets on an incline bench for about a month and was fairly dissatisfied. I concluded that doing supersets did not allow me to go heavy enough and I feel this is the reason for the tarpit-speed development over the last month or so. Please, hook a monkey up with some input so he can have some hardcore output. Lata.

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If the supersets did not work for you then you might be better off training heavier with longer rests in between sets…Pick 1 basic compound exercise and hit it hard and heavy with 4X4-7, or 5X5. Switch the first exercise about every 3 weeks but always hit the first one heavy. After the first exercise you can do supersets, drop sets, pre-exhaustion etc. on the other exercises and you’ll probably find thatyou’ll be able to handle more weight due to your nervous system being fired up.
Heres a sample routine to give you an idea:

A1. Incline dumbell press 5X5 3-0-x tempo, 3 min. rest interval

B1. flat dumbell flye 3X6-8 3-1-3 tempo
B2. flat barbell press 3X8-10 2-0-2 tempo (1.5 minute rest interval)

C1. chest dips…2 sets of 1 rep…30 seconds up 30 seconds down…2.5 minute rest interval

of course there are many variations and combinations you’ll just have to experiment. You might be more of a fast twitch person and if you are then the initial heavy exercise should do you a lot of good.

Heya Manimals. Thanks Kelly, quality stuph. You can have a free membership to the Monkeyboy & Co. Jungle Gym. Lata.

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