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Building Power?

I recently switched my wieght training a few months ago to build power, or so i thought. People have been telling me different things on how to do this and im not sure what to do now. This is what i thought to be correct: to build strength 4-6 reps, power 6-8 reps, muscle 8-10, endurance 10-14. Please help!

I think % of 1rm would be a better way to look at at things. The whole rep range thing is looking shakier and shakier these days. Look at I, Bodybuilder: A lot of low rep training in there that is increasing peoples strength and with it, their size.

I think a more useful approach would be to figure out your 1rm in some big compund lifts (or just ballpark a figure) and go for some explosive reps with 30-40% of that number. Try focusing on the whole fast turnaround thing (avoiding bouncing however).

That or start looking at doing some plyometric training (which I personally know too little about to help).

simply doing exercise does not increase anything, i.e. 6-8 reps. It’s far more complicated, it’s about maximal force, so moving as fast as you can. A good start would be learning the olympic lifts

Here’s two good articles that came out for you might find interesting.

Thanx for the info everyone! Ive been doing a lot of research of my own(something I should’ve done in the first place) and have learned a great deal. I am now in the process of creating my own workout routine to achieve my desired results. I plan on starting the new routine within the next few weeks.

So what have you come up with?

It’s hard to build power without a base…after all power = speed x strength

If you lack strength your f0cked. But I’ll assume you have a base of some strength right? If not I’d recommend a 8-10-12 week of getting strong in the 6-8rep range. Then we can use this to lower down to the 3-4rep range and testing all of your 1RM.

Learning the OLifts will help, jacking up your DL will help a lot also.

But you mean power in what respect?

Power to jump? Power for?


i agree with hotgymguy with using a %. usually 50-70 if your weaker or more of a beginner, then 30-50 if your more advanced. theres some good information on the westside barbell website if you want to a bit more research.