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Building Pecs?

I have all ways had a really hard time getting stronger and putting on any size in my chest. I have blasted my chest with bench, flat, incline, decline, Flat bench flys, pec deck… I have worked the triceps so no. My body type is not the kind to be a big heavy bench pressed I am 6’5" long body long arms. My best bench ever was about 300lb in my early thirties even then my chest wasn’t large, 52 now and just looking for a new approach to get larger stronger pecs.

Being strong at bench press and building muscular pectorals are 2 different things.
If your focus in the past has been on low rep bench press then perhaps you need to increase your reps and put your focus on squeezing your pecs rather then worrying about how much weight you can bench.

If you get nothing out of the barbells then switch to doing more dumbbell work in flat and low incline. Weighted dips may also be of benefit to you if your shoulders are able to cope with the movement.

You also might want to try pre exhaust techniques. Some guys like to hit pec deck before doing any bench work. Personally I get nothing out of pec deck but still you need to try a few things and see if you respond.
Dumbbell flyes before doing Low Incline DB bench can work well.

Basically you need to focus on the mind muscle connection and try and squeeze pectorals rather then push weights.
Once you develop a good mind muscle connection you will most likely feel your pecs a lot more when doing bench press. Squeezing the bar inwards can help with this as well. You wont be able to lift as much weight but then again who cares about the weight you lift if your goal is muscular pectorals?

Thanks, what you are saying makes since and I am going to work in that direction. Your advise about “mind muscle connection” really sounds good, I was just doing that in my last workout without know it… I was using the pec dec but didn’t feel I was getting anything in the chest so I quit using full range and just did the squeeze with about 6in of out then back in and was focusing on my pecs. I will pay more attention to that from now on. Thanks! Right after posting this subject I read an article on here called “Building a Bodybuilder Chest” it was good info.

[quote]55david wrote:
quit using full range and just did the squeeze with about 6in of out [/quote]

I would actually do the opposite and focus on the stretch part of the rep wehter you ‘feel it’ or not.

Anyway, for pecs in a bottle…