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Building Outer Chest?


Any tips out there for me.im looking to build the outer side of my chest near my shoulder and arm.
I have a big chest but all the mass seems to be in the center of my chest giving me a "boob" like effect. Not cool!
being 6 feet 4 makes it hard to go wide on the bench because of the supports on the bench.
So any tall guys got any tips on how to make your "outer chest" look bigger.




The shape of your chest is largely genetically determined, unfortunately. It is not possible to work the outer or inner chest because muscle fibers in the pectorals run laterally. Thus you can seperate upper and lower chest, but not inner and outer. If you have fat deposits on your chest, things may look better once you get rid of that, but otherwise your best bet is to keep adding mass and hope things fill out naturally.


Don't listen to that guy above me. I studied anatomy at university and I know what I'm talking about. Here is what you do to build a killer outer chest.

Take your left hand and cup it in your right armpit. Ok now repeatedly move your arm up and down so that it makes a 'farting' noise. 5 Sets of 20 Repetitions, no more than 60s rest per set.

Do that for four weeks and you will have mad sick pecs.


In my early days I got to work with Vince Gironda . .go to vincegironda.com for lots on this- but in a nutshell, we did elbows out, chin on chest, feet forward dips as lo-o-o-o-ow as possible . .the deeper the stretch, the more soreness you felt in the arm pit and outer pec area . .
After a summer of 3 x 8 to 6 x 6 to 8 x 8 in progression . .we all saw changes . .

Protein in the bloodstream every couple hours aided in quick rebuild . .digestive enzymes made sure we made use of all the protein . .

Arnold's outer half flyes would be my second choice . .


I do incline flies with my elbows sligtly bent. I go as low as possible below horozontal and hold when arms are abour 45 degrees from vertical. Seems to work the outer part of my chest pretty well. I know I always feel it pretty well.


This is perhaps the most sound advice that Ive ever heard given for outter pec work, bar none. Do you have the secret for the monsterous inner pecs I desire?!?!?!


Rockhuddy said it perfectly.
Kinda like the upper/lower ab thing.


Ahh funny man,Good ol Aussie humour.

Soo Strewth why dont ya get a big black dog up ya in the dunny you fair dinkum mongrel. :smiley:
If any of u American boys can translate that,ill give u a gold star.

Thanks everybody else for your advice,much appreciated.



1) Go to www.exrx.net and study the muscular structure of that region.
2) Figure out which muscles are underdeveloped
3) Work those muscles

There are a variety of things that could be wrong, but without a pic or something to work off of, you're the only one who'll be able to figure it out.