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Building New Split, Suggestions Welcomed


I have been working out for a few years and I could consider myself intermediate, I have been set back a few times due to injuries in the military but always get back on track and my body bounces back really quick.

I have been working out consistently for the past year again (4-5 times a week) and have made great progress but I feel like my normal split is no longer giving me enough.

I currently do:
Day 1 - Chest / Tri
Day 2 - Back / Bi
Day 3 - Abs / extra Cardio
Day 3 - Shoulders
Day 4 - Legs
Day 5 - Rest
Day 6 - Reset

my workouts are around an hour to 1.5 hours long, and I usually do 3-4 sets per exercise and I tend to lift rep wise like 10/6/4/2 on most major lifts, depending on the one, always starting with the larges compound movements IE bench, mil press, dead lift, squat etc.

I feel good the next day and possibly after that as well but I feel like I am getting too much rest in between the groups. I have been trying to find a good split that I can hit each group 2x a week without conflicting muscle groups so much.

I started following https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-best-training-split-youve-never-tried

I dont know if anyone has followed this, I have been doing it for 2 weeks and really think I feel great on it, I am not sure about the back and legs being so often though and how to structure it, because doing dead lifts on back day, then squats the following day, then more dead lifts the day after doesn’t seem like it would give any time for recovery.
So I have been doing deadlifts, then squats, then on the next back day skipping deadlifts but I dont want to be counterproductive,

Does anyone have any good examples how I can use this training split and build it so I can maximize it?


@ActivitiesGuy probably has something to say about this too, but high frequency full-body lifts are fine as long as you play with your volume and intensity. But if you don’t want to do that, make one back day horizontal pulls and the other vertical pulls, and do deads on one and rack pulls on the other.


I don’t know that what I do translates very well to this situation, though. My daily training volume is very low and I do a ton of my deadlifts as singles between 70% and 80% with fairly rare forays up to really heavy work or with enough reps to affect recovery.

Since the OP is most likely doing this routine (the proverbial “bro split”) more for hypertrophy goals than 1RM strength on the big lifts (yeah, yeah, I know) there’s probably no need for him to deadlift twice from the floor every week anyway. I agree with your suggestion that deadlifts on the first back day and then things like lat pulldowns, rows, etc on the second back day would seem to work, but this isn’t really my area of expertise.

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There are a lot of ways to train effectively and most factors are personal - time, leverages, recovery ability, etc.

I don’t think that doing deads one day, legs the next, and deads again on day three is bad for your legs. It’s a bad setup for your lower back if you’re doing moderate to heavy loads.

Try what @flappinit suggested or try a different split. A push/pull/legs split will do what you’d like. You can put deads on leg or back day depending on how you prefer to structure your training week.

Here’s a nice series on building your own split. It’s a little easier to comprehend than the one you shared.


I am a huge fan of these Clay Hyght programs! Read the articles and give it a go!


I started my bro split with Tried & True but I’ve drifted back to Best Damn. The push/pull split works better with my leg training (which is basically just hip rehab).


What do you look like now? What are your goals? The best split is one that is built around weaker areas and/or areas you want to improve.

If your legs grow with lower volume why hit them 2x a week or with high volume when you can use that volume to hit something that is weak/stubborn to grow?

Once you have built a base/are no longer a beginner you should know how your body responds and what you are genetically predisposed to.

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Eurotraining is the ultimate modality