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Building My Own Gym (Need GRH Schematics)


I'm planing to build my own gym over the next 6-12 months.

By build I mean fabricate the equipment due to the fact that it costs around 20-30% of retail price to build myself.

Equipment I plan to build:
-Power Rack
-Reverse Hyper

Equipment I plan to buy:
-Dumbbell handles

Could anybody give me dimensions for a GHR? I haven't seen one in Australia/the only suppliers I can find are out of stae and I doubt they would happily give me their designs


I wouldn't trust a homemade power rack, thats not the thing to take a gamble on.


unless you are good with a welder.

natural GHR is supposed to be harder than the machine version. how about just rigging up something you can secure your feet under? i've seen people roll up an exercise mat securing it with a belt and then hooking their toes under something. apparently using the toes to hook works the toes / calves as well. or people do them with their knees on a bosu ball. if you google search natural GHR in site i bet you will find some great ideas.


I'm proficient with a welder so that wouldn't be a problem. I over engineer everything I build so I'm confident that it should hold. I also know quite a few engineers and welders/fabricators so I can get them to double check things for me.

I'll give the natural GHR a go, tbh never tried it.


GHR Supplers.