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Building My Lower Lats


As the subject says i need help with building them. my upper part of lats is big, but lower just wont grow, and i dont know how to stimulate them to grow. can some1 pls suggest some exercises that hit them harder?
thanx in advance


Uh... pics for proof of upper lats being "big" please.

You probably just have shitty lat insertion points, to be honest.

That being said, get on a cable-rowing machine (one where your feet are pressed against a pad) and use a V-grip. Start ramping up the weight extremely slowly while pulling the 'V' to about your navel area (or wherever makes your 'lower' lats contract the best.) Keep ramping up until you hit a weight that you can properly activate them while using solid form, and continue to do that until you feel satisfied.


Pics period.


close grip neutral pulling. pull the elbows straight down and keep the forearms perpendicular to the floor, rather than pulling the handle to the top of your chest.


thanx bonez



Brought mine out from hiding!


This and close reverse grip.


Go to Jim Cordovas website were he talks about building the back. There's an article on their which is well worth a read. He recommends the Neutral Grip Seated Cable Row. He also has some good theories about improving refinement and using a slight leg drive aimed at generating greater power when the intention is muscle building.

I personally also like the Underhand Barbell Row.


i did 2x back training since i read bonez's post and i must say i really feel the difference, especially the next day.
since u guy know so much i would like to ask another question. my 2nd problem is inside of my chest, u know that line from top to bottom in the middle of the chest. i train chest 2 times a week, and both trainings are different. i do:
2 sets of incline dumbell press ( 30% incline)
2 sets of incline dumbell press ( 15% incline)
2 sets of flat dumbell press
3 sets of cable cross overs (i hold the end position for a sec or 2 and slowly return to starting position)
3 sets of low pulley cable cross overs

2nd training is:
3 sets of flat incline dumbell press
5-6 sets of bench press ( i hold for 2 sec on the bottom of press (not on chest, like a half an inch over) and then press explosively)
1 set all out on bench press ( also explosively)
2 sets peck deck machine all out

i also do alot of chest stretches beetween sets.
my chest grows at a steady rate everywhere except that middle part.
any thoughts on what i should change or just keep doing what i do and wait for results


Wow. These questions imply you are beginner status and yes, the others were right to ask for pictures.

Your second problem is your sternum? How is that a problem?

Why a 15% AND a 30% incline for chest?


Yes, I would like to know the rationale behind this.

As for the question, give overall chest growth more time, then you can complain about "inner upper chest" or " the upper part of the peak of the bicep".


i wouldnt say im a begginer, but also i wouldnt say i know too much, thats why i ask if i dont know something. my biggest problem is that in my country there isnt much experienced trainers in gyms, they're mostly student from sport colleges, and they generally dont know much abt bodybuilding.
yes sternum is my problem, cause i cant get muscles to grow around it.
i do chest from 3 angles cause i read it good to train chest with defferent angles ( i think i read it that Dorian Yates does them that way)


Again I refer you back to Jim Cordova's website. In fact he has an exact article for this problem. He even has exact photos to show it from 2004 and when he won the world championships.

Having said all that are you sure these are problem areas or do you just need more mass or lower body fat...


Gee, your sternum has a gap. Your chest is small causing that to be what stands out the most.

I wouldn't think someone at your stage should be so worried about "lower lats" instead of building bigger muscles all over.

Some of you waste way too much fucking time getting caught up in small details. You don't worry about "lower lats" before you first build BIG lats.


It seems pretty clear that he needs more mass.

This is not some advanced lifter asking these questions....and if people in THIS country can;t find anyone who is big training at their gym, I sure wouldn't expect this guy to be swole enough to be worried about all of the shit he is.


ok to be honest i asked for lower lats, cause i have wide pelvis and upper part of lats, so i wanna get my lower lats and obliques stronger so i dont have hourglass look anymore


You have "hourglass" because you don't have enough muscle on you.


Sure Professor X, heck I'm pretty much from the same school of thought as yourself anyway. Its no coincidence how when you add 30lbs of BW your weak body parts (lower Lat, inner Bicep, whatever etc) seem to be magically brought up. However if someone has it in their mind that a body part needs particular work then its only natural to devote focus to that spot. Obviously I agree tips from someone such as Jim Cordova are best suited to advanced lifters. But he is certainly worth a mention due to his ability to "fine tweak" a physique.


thank you Nick i looked at his site and it will help, thanx for help.
as for professor, u didnt help at all. nowhere did u gave an advice that could help. all u can say is you dont have enough muscles, and repeated that. i dont see any knowledge and even a bit of what a professor should be.

also we arent all genetically so strong, some need help. not every1 wants to pop steroids the way u do it and have that build u have. i could tell a lot of things abt u, but i wont, seems ur just a prick who is feeling better by making others feel bad


The Yates Row seems to be effective at building lower lats. I've had good luck from performing medium grip pull ups from a dead stop at the bottom. I was cursed with wide hips too - but it seems to give a natural advantage in deadlifting.

The close grip neutral pulling sounds like a good idea too.

There's also the drink whole milk, big 3 lifts, use juice theory.