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Building My Home Gym

Hi guys, I have been training for a few years. My only goal is bodybuilding.
Because of quarantine (I live in Italy and gyms probably won’t be open up to september… or maybe even further…) i am gonna upgrade my home gym: I already have an adjustable bench, a very wobbling and disgusting squat stand, a barbell, a trap bar, ez curl bar, loadable dumbells (up to 70’s) and some weight plates.

What I need is some kind of pullup bar or lat machine, and something sturdy that allows me to bench press, incline press and dip safely, i’d also appreciate variety for the sake of having fun

I am undecided wether to buy:

  1. Half rack+smith machine

  2. Half rack+Jammer arms+dipping arms

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I’ll be glade to hear your advices :smile:

PS. The reason why i selected this brand is that all my other plates and barbells have a diameter of 30mm while all the other stuff I have found on the web is for olympic plates.

Then I’d go with the Smith machine rack.

Then I’d go with the Jammer arms on the half-rack.


Half rack:

Jammer arms:
Dip Bars:

Sorry, I couldn’t load your pics… and I’m not very good dealing with computers…