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Building My Fortress of Solitude

Hey Guys Iv been planning my home gym and just wanted some feedback of what you guys think. any ideas on if I need anything else or if anything is unnessecary.

Powertec Power Rack System

Ironmaster Super Bench
with Crunch + Preacher Curl & Leg lift Attatchment

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells Base Kit
with add-on kit (120lb’s each dumbbell)

9 Pin Olympic Weight Rack

Bodymaker 180kg Rubber Coated Olympic Barbell Set
with some extra small weights to help progress
plates are:

65cm Duraball Pro

Pulling Sled from Westside


Set of 5/8 in Iron Woody Chain’s

A Foam Roller

A Tree Climbing Belt/Harness
Someone told me this is a better belt for doing weighted dips/chins with.

30mm Jigsaw Gym mats.

Im thinking thats bout everything. Don’t know what you guys think. would kettlebells/swissballs/Bands be nessecary (not sure if the latter is possible on this Rack)

I fully understand I can workout with less than this but I want a BADASS gym.

Also It would be in a room with carpet so I assume Id need a stead platform right?
Any Help would be appreciated.

Thank goodness you have a rubber-coated barbell. Wouldn’t want you to get calluses now would we?

Lol I had to think for a sec after reading that but as Far as I know its just the weights that are rubber Coated, typical Steel Olympic Bar.