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Building Muscle With The Mind

Project: Building muscle with the mind

Over the years I have become and activist in building muscle, building strength/speed/endurance/ and explosiveness. I found out that just building the muscle will never be enough if you want greatness. There is a mind body connection; it has been proven that a positive thought is more powerful than a negative thought. The will of a person and the concentration of a specific task or overall wellbeing can be projected through the mind and into the body.

Lets go with an example?sports wise, we see bodybuilders off al types gain supreme, some of the greats like Arny always had a powerful will to succeed (ok lets forget about the steroids) but there is also a mental aspect, you have to have the will to pump that wait for and extra rep before giving out?to say no I will not quite I will go the distance. We see this with Olympic athletes all the time that get into the zone, when they do this they block out everything, the cheering crowd becomes faint and still and they go for the goal.

I would like to take this to a different approach, let?s call this the mind healing the body connection. You know its crazy when you see how many people always let themselves down, if they get sick or stricken with cancer they thinks it?s the end. There are of course a select few tha drive themselves to beat the cancer, lance Armstrong ?On October 2, 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer. Since there was a late diagnosis, the cancer had grown, spreading to his lungs, abdomen and brain. Armstrong chose to undergo a more dangerous chemotherapy because, if he survived, it would allow him to resume his career. His doctors told him that he had less than a 50% chance of living. After his recovery, one of his doctors told him that his actual odds of living had been considered to be smaller, around 3%, and that he had been given the estimate primarily to give him hope. Three years later, after much recuperation and the loss of his right testicle, he went on to win his first Tour de France title.? You think this was just a system of the odds being on his side, no it was his mental will power, mind over body?it does exist, athletes and people that have survived horrible accidents prove it, it is time use it yourselves.

I really don?t want to explain the whole how the body can control white blood cells, heal people with cancer, people that have been paralyzed, maybe even aids and such. So let?s just get to the point.

I want you to help me with an experiment involving mental visualization, and semi meditation to help you increase and build muscle. I would also suggest that people take up meditation any form of meditation as this will help allot.

What I want is to see and help people develop Autogenic traits and a Psychoneuroimmunologic relationship with the mind and the body. What that means is basically if you tell your mind to do something it will do it. In conjunction with your training I want you to add a new training session, when you go home at night or if you want you can do this in the morning or whenever.
The routine: Pump up chair
I want you to sit down and relax, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside a room in your mind. Here there is a chair, a very comfortable chair that you can sit. When you sit in the chair I want you to image that there is an air hose coming from the chair and into both of your arms, when you are nice and comfortable I want you to imagine that you press a button near your index finger on the chair and it starts the chair. You will see the air hose will start to fill up with air and the air will enter your arms and into your whole body, the air will in sense pump up your arms, legs, back, abs, chest, calves, forearms?basically every part of your body in a way that you are doing a entire body workout, but imagine that this air that is coming in is not only pumping up your body but is also building the muscle and healing your body.

Imagine that you can feel the vibrations as you sit in the chair, you can feel the pump and see your entire body start to swell, you are telling your muscles to grow and swell up, you say to yourself that THEY WILL DO THIS, YOUR BODY WILL GROW, and in fact it has already grown.

I want you to do this for 30 min to 1 hour a day for 6 weeks every day, and post your results after the six weeks if you chose to do this you can continue till you reach 3 months, then every three months post your results. Once you reach a 12 months you can stop…that is if you want to?lol

Also keep a positive attitude about this, tell yourself it is working every time, and do the pump up chair routine every day EVERYDAY.

So basically:

  • workout like normal
  • Pump up chair routine everyday (30-60min)
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Try to get into meditation
  • Believe in this
  • Check back in 6 weeks, then continue for the rest of the year

Please post if you want to do this, also I would suggest that to keep your mind on this make a poster or set up a alarm that tells you when you need to do this and to keep a good attitude about this?For all you know this maybe what you need, think of it as mental steroids without the bad effects.

Dude, I do this everday. After my workout I am usually pumped up to the max. I walk around the gym flexing and posing and the gym managers let me take my shirt off and go pose-crazy.

I visualize myself HUGE and monsrous. Sometimes I’ll do my site-injectiosn first, to get a huge rush, then I’ll run out of the locker room still pumped and pose like mad.

I really think using visualization helped me get my 21 inch gunz. I started out with 13" arms 6 years ago and now I have the biggest arms in my county. I used to visualize having huge arms very nigth before bed and every morning when I got up. Eveyr day for years., I think it heloed me to stay motivated and keep training and joozin’ to GFH!

More people should try this, it isn’t all mumbo-jumbo.

-Da Joozemonster

[quote]mrl179 wrote:
There are of course a select few tha drive themselves to beat the cancer, lance Armstrong ?On October 2, 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer.[/quote]

Lance also said in one of his books that he saw positive people die of cancer, and negative people have theirs go into remission. As far as the cancer goes: he was lucky. As for his career, well, that’s a different story! No doubt he worked his ass off (consistently).