Building Muscle w/ Barbell Plates

I’m home for the next few months so I don’t have access to my school’s weight room and my barbell recently broke. It’s going to be awhile before I’m able to replace it. I would like to increase strength in my upper and lower body as well as add 5-10lbs of muscle by the ending of the summer. Is this possible to accomplish with only barbell plates? If so what are some exercises I could use to get an effective workout on a consistent basis with just barbell plates?

The short answer s no. f you had other things, such as a dip belt, a chinup bar and dpng station, you could do some work on those two movements, but sorry, with that limited equipment you will have the results to show for it. I recommend a gym

Your options are severely limited without a barbell, you won’t be able to get anywhere near the ideal strength stimulus. You can get a decent barbell for like $100 or less, you really can’t afford that?

I can get a barbell but I will have to go the next 3 weeks without one

Get a barbell as quickly as possible. If you can find something that’ll do for now, like a piece of pipe or whatever that’s great. A backpack/bag/rope can be used to lump plates together and lets you do curls and awkward presses. Weighted pushups and pullups aren’t bad and weighted pistol squats are ok for a few weeks.