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Building Muscle on TRT


For those who ask can you build muscle muscle on TRT I would say emphatically YES! These are before and during pics of myself from the last 6 months. The first is from Christmas 2015. Pre TRT. Weight was around 235. I worked out but diet was off because of winter bulking. Ha, isnt that what we call it…The second pic was taken at the end of May. As you can see huge difference. I am way more cut than that now but havent got any recent pics. Guys I cant stress how important nutrition is for muscle gain in TRT. Please chime in with questions or comments. I hope the pics upload?

Need to post some I guess.

My protocol is as follows:
Age: 49
Weight: 214
TRT: .5ml/100mg Every 5 Days


BTW I started TRT on February 15th 2016. My Rx is for 1ml/200mg a week. So I am currently 5 months in. I’m a little worried about E2 levels based on symptoms lately. I went and had labs pulled yesterday and will post results here to see what Ksman, Nashtide, and other moderators say.


Awesome work! You are right, the combo of high T and a good diet with weights can really change how a person looks.

Roll Damn Tide!


So your script is 200ml a week but you are taking 100mg every 5 days? Either way it’s probably high as you seem to be a good responder. Any issues on those doses without an anti-e? I’m very interested to see the lab results.


bl, Rx is 1ml/200mg every 7 days, I take .5ml every 5 days. I stay about 3 days off schedule due to fear of rising E2. Ive used that dosage since week 3 of therapy. Lately I seem a little symptomatic of raised E2 levels but we shall see. Labs should be back tomorrow. I was fine on that dosage, except for last 2-3 weeks thats why I went in for labs. I too am very interested in seeing those lab numbers.


I am also interested in your lab results. Also, how tall are you and were you pretty muscular as a youngster?


Roll Tide my good brother :slight_smile: I am 5-10. I wouldn’t say I was muscular, I had to work hard to get results, I was always kind of a rounded type body. Ive been working out now for 16 years, but never got really cut. Built stocky, but always with a rounded type look. I started the year at 235. Not sure of body fat %. But I can certainly tell the difference between now and then. I wish I had taken better before and afters. TRT has certainly changed my life these last 5 months. Its a definite game changer.


I’ll be in ttown for the aTm and IB games. Going to BR and Knoxville for those games and will be in ATL and Tampa if we make it. Let’s plan to meet if you find yourself at any of these games.

I’ve always been skinny. Was referred to as wiry which is a euphemism for stronger than he looks. Now I’m getting thicker. I’m 6ft and 178lbs.


Awesome, probably a wise choice of your dosage without labs. 200mg/week could push you into some crazy numbers. Everybody responds differently. I was on 140mg/week and I had TT in 1400s so they dropped my dose to 120mg/week. I had crazy DHT numbers that were not desirable. You seem to be a good responder too.

On a side note, nice stock build for muscle. I bet youre a crazy strong presser.


Those are good numbers to know for comparison. My last TT was 4 weeks ago and I was 488. I thought that to be pretty low, but you guys set me straight on that. I was 7 or so days post shot.

Pretty strong I guess, After warmup I start with 275 on bench for my working sets, on good days I may throw 315 on. But man im getting to old for that shit, hahaha. Im mainly now concerned with staying in shape and maintaining a somewhat physique.


Yeah 488 is low but you should be taking tests 3 days after shot not 7. After 7 days you are at the half life of your dose. You are probably ok with your current regimen based on those numbers because if you had pinned on day 5 and tested 7 you would be up high.

I hear you on the pressing. Be careful with TRT. Your major muscle groups will outgrow your stabilizers quickly. Take it slow and steady to avoid injury. If you mess up your shoulders, chances are its for life. Make sure you warm them up nice and good before a heavy press. No static stretching, this is old school and bad. I recommend using the bands and doing some rotator cuff warm ups with them.


Yessir, warmup is an absolute necessity. I spend a lot of time warming up before starting. Especially on shoulder day.


Nashtide, Man I’d love to meet up and hangout! For sure. I’m not sure which games I am going to at this point, I kind of pick and choose. I will probably be at the aTm game and 2 or 3 others. Do you have an email or can you PM me? I usually tailgate at Warren Tire and Auto, right on University blvd, its just up from the old band practice field, if you know where that is?


The past few seasons we’ve tailgated on the quad, but it’s too much of a pain in the butt to set up and break down. We also make a long weekend out of it so we can visit with the kids, so I get my hotels booked early. I’m looking for a new location to tailgate. Two options. One is the lawn next to Theta Chi and the SHC. The other is a friend who has a condo on the west side of BDS. Do you bring a generator?


Man we have everything. There are two motor homes at our tailgate, the bathroom facilities of Warren Tire, 4 or 5 TV’s, all concrete tail gate area parking lot, parking in the same lot. You need to hook up with me if I am at that particular game you are at. Most tailgates are sponsored by my buddies at South Eastern Pond Management and Crane Works. Free food, drinks, etc. Its a cool place and great folks, youd like it!


The parking and bathrooms are a winner! The quad is cool, but WAY too much work. We brought 6 gallons of gumbo to the LSU game and they never turned the electricity on because of the rain. So we had to walk all that gumbo across to the presidents mansion. Heat it there and drag it back. We had no TV’s. It sucked. I’ve gone over by the SHC, but you gotta bring a generator. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll meet up at some point this season. RTR