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Building Muscle on my Maintenance Calories?


I am a female who used to weight lift 4 times a week and prioritise protein and carbs. I made tons of progress, especially in my legs, however after suffering with anorexia and bulimia I’ve lost 10kg, along with all my muscle and strength. Now that I’m recovering and finally have a healthy BMI, I want to start getting back in the gym. I miss it so much!
For a girl of 44kg (it doesn’t sound healthy, however I have a safe BMI so please don’t comment on this), my BMR is around 1550 calories per day, and this includes moderate exercise 3-4 times a week. If I were to stick to this amount of calories, using the macros 45% carbs, 35% protein and 20% fat, and weight train 4 times a week, would I be able to build muscle? I know eventually I would hit a plateau, but for now would I be able to build my muscle back up? Please don’t tell me that I need to consume more calories, because that’s not answering my question. Eventually I will increase my intake, but I want to do it gradually and only when absolutely necessary.


Add peri workout and you should be fine.


Thats 135 g of protein once you make the maths. Lets say your target weight is 55 kg as it used to be. IMO thats unnecessary protein. I would distribute that towards fat and carbs, perhaps more on carbs on workout days and more fats on non workout days.

To your question yeah, given that you believe & work hard with the program and eat a little over excess, you will get stronger & more muscular. Also its a lot easier to get back up once where you were, compared to start from the beginning

Good Luck!


x2 if training hard can really load up on intraworkout nutrition like Mag 10/bcaas etc and not put on a gram of fat