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Building Muscle & Losing My Belly


hey im 16 years old i have lifted weights for most of my teeneage life and wanted to all my life,
i have alot of muscle mass and am very strong i would say,
however i want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time or at least lose the belly then gai the muscle,

i do boxing twice a week and go to the gym 4 days a week what exorsises should i be doing,
due to illness atm im only lifting 10kg dumbells,
rowing machine on half resitance, arm cycles max resistance for half an hour(for toning and cardio),
bike for 15 mins, hamstring raises and lifts,
abb machine 75kg for 3 sets
is this a good work out to stick to? or shall i change it around?
i appreiciate any given help


How much do you weight, and how much can you bench, squat and deadlift? And no, your routine is not good. Answer my questions and I'll suggest another one.


If what you're doing lifting wise is working, then stick with it.

As far as losing weight, the new G-Flux article by Berardi is a good read. In simple terms, increase your cardio and keep your diet in check. As far as cardio goes, start with walking every workout. Then increase the incline or speed every couple weeks.


i can bench 225 pounds and squat 100kg (sorry dont know pounds) and dead lift i think 90kg
thank you for help i weight 228 pounds


220lbs and 200lbs, respectively. My advice to you would be that when you recover from your illness, you focus on bringing both your squats and your deadlifts up, they should be higher then your bench. A good 5x5 routine like Madcows should help you balance your lifts out, and you can add in some isolation exercise for your arms if needed. Like the Dude said, cleaning up your diet and adding some cardio will help with the weight loss. Keep lifting for strength, and you should notice some pretty drastic improvements over the next year or so.


thank you very much ninja boy yeah i just need to start eating right im about to eat mean for the first time in 10 years :slight_smile: