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Building Mass

CBear: did you really just quote yourself and then compliment it? Oh my. You never fail to amuse me.

What kind of training program are you following, LJBlades? You do a tremendous amount of reps if I’m reading your log correctly.

I have read that for body building you should be doing between 8-12 reps. I have also been talking with a woman on line who just got her pro card so I am following her training routine. It has helped me gain muscle, I have noticed the difference as have other people. I have also noticed that I am also getting stronger as well.

I should have said a tremendous number of sets, which I suppose ultimately results in a tremedous amount of reps if each set contains 12!

That’s great that you’re already noticing positive changes.

Get some pics up so we can throw pies at ya! Just kidding. It would be cool to see before and after pics since your goal is a BB comp.

[quote]ljblades wrote:
Ok, still no pics but this is my eating and training for yesterday. Also I am 5’4", weighing 144lbs, I am about to do my body fat today at the gym. Like I said before I have been an ice hockey player all my life, just finished competing at Nationals, I am 47 and compete against women half my age and yes my ass is just as good as the youngsters. I am done with hockey, it is just too hard on my back. I now want to do a body building competition, something I have always been interested in but it did not fit in with my ice hockey training.

I can still lift heavy, just not crazy heavy. My lagging body parts are my chest and shoulders, I was told to train them twice a week. I am also incorporating FST-7 for lagging body parts and my shoulders are coming in nicely, chest though has been tough. My one rep max for squats is 255lbs and deads is 275lbs. I can’t really bench more than 100lbs, never was really big on benching. So until I can load pics this is what I have. So have at it.

1cup Oatmeal, with 2%milk

52g protein shake with water

3 eggs scrambled, whole wheat bagel with pb

2 chicken breasts on a sub bun

52g protein shake
piece of tilapia, sweet potato
half cup of low fat cottage cheese, kiwi

52g protein shake

Back and triceps day

4x12 pullups with spotter
4x12 deadlifts, 1@135lbs, 2@155lbs, 3@175lbs, 4@185lbs
4x12 bent over rows, 4@95lbs
4x12 pulldowns, 70lbs,80lbs, 90lbs, 100lbs
4x12 1 armed rows, 1@50, 2,3,4 @55
4x12 face pulls, 1@70, 2@80, 3@90, 4@100

Skull crushers
4x12 35lbs
rope pulldowns
4x12, 1@35, 2@40, 3&4@45
Dips off a bench feet on stability ball
pushups with one arm on a ball
No cardio.

I am taking creatine and Surge workout powder, also spike before I train, tons and tons of water.
Does anyone know the affects of the Anaconda on women?


Looks solid. If you are making progress then there is no reason to make big changes.

Twice a week for lagging parts works. Three times even but you need to scale everything else back.

Ramping the weight, as you are, so that each successive set use heavier poundages is the way to do it. But it is the heaviest set that provides the greatest stumulation, so you might consider going lighter on the reps on the way up to your top set so you are fresher and able to use more weight on this top set. And then get some reps in after the top set.

Something like: do a couple of “feel” sets with a light weight (about 50% of your max weight) doing 5 reps or so then, using heavier weight for each set but keeping some energy in the tank for sets 4 and 5, do…set 1 x 12 reps, set 2 x 8 reps, set 3 x 5, set 4 x 10-12 (hard, heavy set), set 5 (drop weight down about 20% from top set and max out on reps. Try this with the weights you have been normally using and see what happens at the top set…should be less fatigue for bigger weights.

If you chest is lagging try pre-exhausting with an isolation movement…say, a few sets of incline flyes before doing incline DB press.

You mentioned some back issues. I would be a little cautious with BB rows and deadlifts in the same workout. That is potentially a lot of lower back stress.
BB rows and DB rows doing essentially the same thing (DB rows putting less stress on lower back) as do pullups and pulldowns. Pullups are preferred.

I would simplify it something like: pullups, deads, 1 arm rows, facepulls. Ramp the weight like you are, easy on the reps, do top set, do back-off set. Once you hit 12 reps with your top set it is probably time to grab a heavier weight next workout.

Thank you, I will try that tomorrow, it is leg day. I see what you mean about doing too much as far as my lower back issues are concerned. I also try to not do back and legs on consecutive days as the stress on my lower back is just too much. Thaks again, will keep you posted, and still trying to get someone to take pics to post.

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:
I hope you don’t go…I’d certainly be interested in following your progress! I’ve been teetering with the idea of doing a bb’ing comp one day myself! :)[/quote]

Mom in Md can i ask you how old you are and what knd of training you are doing now?

^ Sure! I’ll be 31 this year…basically, total body stuff, with an emphasis on the DL, squat and OH press…I lift with the intent of getting stronger! :slight_smile:

I still have about 15-20lbs I’d like to shed as well…