Building Mass For Football

It’s been a while since I was on this site.
But Football has started and I was looking for some articles about bulking up.
I mean like getting big but without the fat.

Nearly Bodybuilder big but I can’t seem to find anything anymore. The only thing I’ve found is the Velocity Diet. I need some more muscle and strength for football. My training is set (for now) but my diet needs alot of work.

241 lbs
15 years old.

Football’s a tuff sport man. I don’t think youll be gaining weight with all the running you will be doing. Just keep lifting and eating.

ws4sb(version III) inseason template

Yeah but I see the running as conditioning/sprinting.
But how should I eat to gain some muscle mass and let this fat melt off?

Leave out the conditioning then, you’ll get more than enough from football training.

Just do the program you’ll put on muscle and lose fat, its a highly proven template.

As far as nutrition read the beginners forum stickies. Generally take in a shit ton of protein, green veggies and milk.
Personally I would just eat everything that’s not tied down, at 6’6 you might have to hit 280 pounds before you come close to looking built for your frame

Is it ok to still do sprints?
It’s proven they build your whole body.

You’re doing your preseason work right? Summer lifting, play sessions, conditioning etc?

[quote]165StateChamp wrote:
You’re doing your preseason work right? Summer lifting, play sessions, conditioning etc?[/quote]

We start summer practice June 8.
We just fineshed spring practice.
But when the season starts I wanna be ready. Built.
Yes I know it doesn’t happen over night. To be honest my nutrition is my only problem.
Consume more protein (get bigger)
Consume more carbs? (wat for?)
should I go low carb high protein on training days?

IF I were you I would try a carb cycling diet. the idea is to consume more carbs on your training and conditioning days while having more protein and fats on your off days. EliteFTS has plenty of e-books and articles on the topic.

Start off by reading this:

If I were you this is how I would set it up:

High Days (3-4 on your Heavy Training Days)
Carbs: 500
Protein: 250
Fats: Low as possible

Medium Days (Other Lifting/Conditioning days)
Carbs: 275
Protein: 325
Fats: 75

Low Days (Off Days)
Carbs: 150
Protein: 350
Fats: 90

Try to eat as clean as possible if you are looking to avoid too much fat gain.
Carbs: Oatmeal, Rice, Fruit, Vegetables, Yogurt
Protein: Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Protein Powder
Fats: Natural Peanut Butter, Almonds, Olive Oil, Fish Oil, other nuts

After a few weeks adjust your diet depending on if your gaining enough weight or not.

My schedule for football goes a little different, but summer weights and conditioning starts June 1st, and for that period of time I try to dial in my nutrition. However, I do know that its the summer and that you’ll be hanging out with friends and quite possibly drinking of the alcoholic kind. GASP.For football at the high school level I really don’t think an advanced nutrition plan is necessary. I just made sure to get in a lot of calories.

Cottage Cheese
Grape Juice w/ Creatine

Weights Session

Postworkout shake
Chicken breast
1/2 cup of almonds-these are really good, because you can get over 400 calories from these alone, with a lot of good fats

2 hours later
Chicken breast
1/2 cup of almonds
Rice (brown or white, doesn’t matter)

And just repeat the meals. Feel free to add fruits and frozen vegetables, as well as adding tuna or other fish.
I threw in cheese strings, multiple glasses of milk and a ton of water. If you really have to, go to Burger King on occasion. I’d sometimes hang out with the linemen and we’d make stops at the fast food joints. Your intent is to gain weight, and you need to get in a lot of calories. You’re not going to get fat. You will get big, but unless you’re sitting on your ass the entire day while eating this, you will get lineman-big.

if you want to gain weight without gaining fat, it’s simple: lift heavy and eat a LOT of healthy foods. Switch to whole grain pastas, brown rice, and lean meats like lean ground beef, chicken, salmon, and tuna. Eat salads, but eat like half the salad bar. Lots of eggs, fat free yogurt, fat free milk, nuts, avocados, turkey chili, black beans, dark green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, quinoa, whey protein, olive oil, and fruit. You can keep your calorie intake really high without eating a ton of shitty food if you just eat a LOT of good food.

Thanks greatly appreciate it.

You have the frame of someone who can really fill out. I think you should stick with the basic compound movements, some Olympic lifts for speed and explosiveness. Make sure you keep working your technique and mechanics while you are lifting. You could be either a tight end or defensive end with your frame. Make sure you practice your footwork, don’t get slow from lifting slow.

I am 15 years old and wanting to get big for football. so i am looking for a really good supplement that will just get me huge. Like what is really crazy but also safe for someone of my age.

I am 215 and wanting to be around 230-235

squats. do one set of 20 rep squats heavy weight (10 rep max). Wait a day and repeat, try for 3 to 4 workouts a week. drink a lot of milk.

“The Anabolic Diet”

Eat loads, Train harder!

[quote]guidotti-dline wrote:
I am 15 years old and wanting to get big for football. so i am looking for a really good supplement that will just get me huge. Like what is really crazy but also safe for someone of my age.

I am 215 and wanting to be around 230-235[/quote]

Three things:

  1. There is no “really good supplement that will just get me huge”, rather a combination of a good lifting program, good nutrition and possibly some quality supplements (if you’re at that level.)
  2. You’re not at that level. Supplements for you (especially at 15) are useless. At your level, search up on quality information for eating and lifting. And no, don’t think you’re a “special case” and you can be ignorant about lifting and eating, but still get huge because of some magical supplement.
  3. This isn’t your thread, don’t hijack it. If you need help on nutrition, or need further advice on why taking supplements is useless for someone at your level, make a thread in the “Supplements and Nutrition” section of this forum. If you need help on obtaining lifting information/advice or designing a program, make a thread in the “Strength Sports” section.

Hope I helped! I didn’t mean to sound like I was flaming, I’m just giving you some tough love :slight_smile: