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Building Mass for Firefighting


This is a legit cry to the brothers in iron. I am 5'6 180 and very lean. I am starting the academy but my goal is to be on the truck with the big dogs. I have six weeks to put on mass but it has to be legal. I take protein and know all about creatine but what is out there? I really appreciate any input brothers-


I can hook you up with stuff called FOOD and WORKING OUT.

Dont know if you are ready yet bro


Is firefighting a strength sport?


If your completely new to lifting then do Mark Rippetoe's Starting strength. This is a slightly modified version that was written up by a guy on bb.com. Don't recommend the sight, but this specific topic is good


This is the fastest your going to get for strength and size gains as a newbie. Eat like a horse. I'm currently doing it and eating over 5000-6000 calories w/ the Gallon of milk on top (you'll understand if you read the post.

After that move onto intermediate type training (starr's 5x5, texas method, ws4sb).


at 5'6" 180lbs lean sounds like a pretty big guy to me...


You have 6 weeks to put on mass? You'll be very disappointed with the results you get with so little time. As for what to do in training I would do West side for skinny bastards 4 http//www.defrancostraining.com/articles.html

I would incorporate lots of grip work after your sessions. Defranco has you do some but you could add some more things like heavy sand bag training. Farmer walks are great. Towel or rope pullups.

Incorporate some body weight work with a weighted vest also to simulate all that heavy gear you'll have on..


Having just finished an academy, the last thing you want to try to do is put on size. With all of the running, hoisting, and hauling you'll be doing it will be damn near impossible. Do you know if the department will be working on the Combat Challenge or not?


I'm with Fuzzyapple. If you're 5'6, and a very lean 180, what's the problem? You've got quite a bit of mass already, and probably look quite thick.


Being a fireman, heres some advise. Wait til after the academy to put on some size. Lots of good food and progressive weights is what will get you there. One thing, don't sacrifice your cardio to put on size, on the fire ground that is whats going to keep you going so you can do the job. Also, you don't want to be the guy who is the largest but running out of air in 4 minutes after gettin on scene.