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Building Mass After Sports


Hello I'm new to these forums and this is my first post. For the past five years I've been engaged in sports etc. However now I am lookig to build a little more mass. I've only ever done full body workouts (benchpress,squats,deadlifts,rows,cleans). Having amazing looking biceps etc werent exactly essential to me being a better athlete. I am now trying a new workout routine for the bast two weeks. Let me know what you think, all advice is appreciated, keep in mind I like to be int he gym as many days as possible or I get bored very quickly.

Day 1 - chest/back - (deadlift heavy and squat light on this day)
Day 2 - tricep/bicep/forearms
Day 3 - Shoulders/legs - ( Squat heavy and deadlift light on this day
day 4 - off
Day 5 - Restart

yes i realize that triceps are utilized for chest and shoulder workouts but so far it seems to not bogging down my work outs.

Also when training i alternate body parts during my workout.. Say i do a few sets of chest i'll then go and do a few sets of back then back to chest, is this okay?


Why are you squatting on you Chest and back day? Not saying it's wrong, just want to hear your reasoning.

And alternating the body parts is just fine.


Old habit from the years of full body training haha. I was told long ago that days you train heavy quads or hamstrings you also need to lightly train hamstrings and quads. And the only genetics i have is strong shoulders and very strong legs so i figured it would be okay


Based on quite a few posters around here, you trained like an athlete for 5 years, you should already look like a bodybuilder.

So, you can do whatever you want, you already won bodybuilding.


to SS - i find something like push/pull/legs is better because you can devote all of your energies towards a movement/muscle group in one session, rather than mutiples


Whenever you post, I always click hoping its CAVEMAN who used to post here. dissapointed

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after some research and i finish this routine this week im going to try a

day 1 - chest/bicep
day 2 - back/tricep
day 3 - shoulders/traps/legs
day 4 - off



You will make just about any program work if you really want it to. As long as you adhere to certain principles (adequate target muscle overload, recovery and food) you will succeed. Even sticking to your old routine (which is freakishly similar to mine lol) you will put on muscle if you eat for it.

Worry more about consistency and the fundamentals rather than the "ideal" routine.

Pull back if you need to (e.g. overall strength stagnates for long periods/is continually up and down)...as long as it's nothing to do with not eating enough.


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5/3/1 or standard 3 way split