Building Mass After Shoulder Surgery

Almost 2 years ago I had shoulder surgery. They just removed some bone fragments after I broke and dislocated it. I have 2 screw and and achor of some sort in there.

After the surgery I suffered major muscular atrophy in my whole left arm. It took me over a year to lift weights again and at least 3 months after that to be able to do a front or side lateral with 10lbs.

Since then I’ve back on some mass, however I’ve noticed that where my incision was across my middle and front delt its just basically flat and doesn’t seem to be regaining its mass or the roundness I used to have.

Does anyone have any experience like this or info that might help? Will that shoulder forever be flat or can I regain the roundness it once had?

Thanks. Long post I know

Hey man,

Can you post a picture? One of your good shoulder, and one of your bad one?


You might be able to, but depending on how invasive the surgery was (sounds pretty bad with how long it took for recovery) you may have suffered some nerve damage, or that part of you shoulder may no longer work like it’s supposed to.

Well I Dont have any nerve damage that I know of. I do have a slight impingement and a slight loss of backwards rotation ( basically i have a hard time grabbing a bar placed behind my neck, it doesnt hurt my arm just doesn’t rotate that far back anymore) it’s pretty disappointing considering I feel like my left arm impedes my progress, it gets stronger, just not as fast.

Give it time…keep hitting it…it will come back. You know all this. :slight_smile: