Building Lower Back Muscles

What do I need to train to achieve the Lower back muscles to be visible. I do lots of Calesthenics and deadlifts but can seem to see visible muscle on the lower back.

Your dieting muscle


Can you show me a picture where you can see visible lower back muscles. A picture you look at and think “That’s where I want to be”.

Just keep lifting and eating to support growth. It’ll get there. Back hyperextensions, good mornings, and squats can help too.

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Your visible lower back muscles seem to be just above the red oval. As they develop they will get more pronounced going toward your lower waist.

Of course lower back fat will conceal them. For them to pop, you will need to diet. But let’s “not get the cart before the horse.” You need to build some more muscle first. Others have mentioned some exercises that work.

Real truth is you need more muscle everywhere.

I always find it weird how people are interested to only grow 1 muscle… For me, every muscle is always too small and no matter what i just train them all… and if some muscles ever were too big id be like “cool imma make em stupid bigger” :smiley:


watches the guy at my gym who does 5 different side delt variations yet can’t overhead press 80lbs

So you’re the person that keeps staring at me.


It’s just my body envy, hopefully it doesn’t distract you.

Reminds me what a judge told me after judging me a few times. “You have a nice symmetrical physique. You need something to catch the judges’ eye. Some freaky muscle somewhere.”

That’s a very odd spot to focus on. I can’t say I know how to build that particular muscle.
What I will say is no matter how big it is you’ll need to be pretty lean to see it.

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Right on

Back extensions , reverse hypers, bent rows(thicken the lower lats) And low body fat. The Christmas tree is hard to bring up. Most of all give it time.

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