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Building Lean Muscle with Test, Dbol, EQ, Winny and T3


just wanting an experienced reply on this… ive done my cycles ive done my research ive lifted for my fair amount of yrs i know wut wrks for me but i do like other opinions with dif cycles so im wondering about doin a cycle of test,eq,dbolwinny,t3…
test 250 cyp wks 1-6 then test e wks 7-12 (like to change esters)
eq 800 wks 1-12
dbol wks 1-5 40mgs a day
winny 50 mgs a day for wk9-14(runnin 2wks longer than text bcuz of half life and pct purposes) but my question is when to addt3? im thinkn bout mid way … becuz il have the 2 to 3 week period after t3incase my thyroid levels are struggling to regain a normal status…atleast id be strong on et and anabolic state at that time… any opinions?.. and i do wanna try bol with clean bulk diet and cardio just to get that nice pump and swell in begining and test eq to continue that thru the mid and winny tick in when my diets in chk andt3 strts… .