Building inner chest

Hey, I have a problem getting my inner chest to grow. My middle and outer chest are growing nicely, and have decent size, but now there is a gap in the middle and they look like bitch tits in a way. What exercises are good to target the inner portion?
Thanks, Mike

Good luck! You’ll get lots of advice, but most of it won’t work. Just keep making the pecs bigger and it will fill in.

Don’t do a bunch of “shaping exercises” like some people will recommend. Just keep performing the big chest movements, like various benches, dips, and forget things like flyes, crossovers, and pec-deck. Keep it simple and everything will fall into place.

I looked through my kines book and i couldnt find an inner, middle, or outer chest.

Just like NK said - “Don’t do a bunch of ‘shaping exercises’ like some people will recommend.” Funny thing, when I do a hi-volume “sumo-deadlift” routine, my inner chest winds up getting a little pump going. Another weird thing, when I do a hi-volume “conventional-deadlifting” routine (with hands spaced wide, and shoulder-blades pulled together) my outer-pecs always wind up being a little sore the next day…hummm… ??? I can’t possibly be suggesting deadlifting for chest development…but I guess, indirectly, I am.

P.S. This is testament to why “big lifts” are much preferred: they just cover “so much” ground - making fo fo isolation movements unnecessary! And, yes what Goldberg intimated is true: inner and outer chest do not exist - and therefore can’t be isolated. IMHO - “they surely can be felt, though!”

I kinda had the same problem but i started doing weighted dips, and went really heavy on flat bench fly’s.

Seemed to fill in the gaps.

Thank you, Goldberg.It just seems obvious to me,but I guess it may not be to others.I guess when you look where this silly misinformation comes from,special thanks goes to the Jackasses at the “muscle mags”.Flex,Musclemag,muscle & fiction,SUCK!

I don’t buy that old tired explanation. It has been posted also that there is no upper or lower chest but there are certainly ways to develop the upper and lower chest in differing degrees. I do not believe that just because there is just one muscle that different segments of it cannot be developed differently.

Hold up big dog. I never said you couldnt differentiate between the clavicular and sternal portions of the pectoralis major. I said you cant preferably recruit the inner versus the outer. The clavicular and sternal portions have different origins thus have different biomechanics.

Thanks for the help. I actually don’t do any dips at all. I do flat bench, incline, decline (sometimes) and flys. I’ll start to include the dips, and maybe remove the flys. Any other exercises you guys recommend?

actually cable flyes with a pause at the beginiing and end of the position will work wonders for your chest since you are stretching the chest and flexing the chest. laters pk