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Building Grip


I am at the end of my first real cycle. Meaning non PH. The one thing I noticed I need to build on is my grip. Looking for some ideals on building that. My dead lifts are limited to my grip. max is 350 lbs.

But I was wondering about some ideas for building my grip. I am doing the dead lifts that will help. Masterbate I know some body is gonna throw that in.


Captains of crush grippers for timed holds


Pinch lifts also makes your grip better.


Plate pinches, fat bar anything (cleans and dls), COC close and holds, and not using straps are the only things that actually help my grip.


Pwnisher and StormTheBeach are both a hell of a lot stronger than me, so take this with a grain of salt. I have found that doing all warmup sets and all light-enough backoff sets with a double overhand grip. I've also been doing 20-rep Kroc Rows and 10-rep RDL's (with a double overhand grip) and haven't had any grip problems in a long time.


K thanks guys. I have to give the stuff a shot. I can't let my grip hold me back


What worked for me is, like someone said before, ditching the lifting straps.
Using chalk helps a lot too.
For 'semi-heavy' weigths I use hook grip
For maxes I use alternated grip. It doesn't make your grip stronger but you can lift heavier.
I also use the 'fat gripz' and the 'fat gripz extreme'. Helps a little bit too.
Sometimes I do farmers walk holding the dumbbells by the end.
I tried today to do bent over later raise holding the end of the dumbbells like the farmers walk.

  1. No straps. Ever. You can't use them in the meet so don't train with them.

  2. Double overhand all your warm-ups.

  3. Pull for reps regularly. Same goes for shrugs, rows, chins, etc.

  4. I have had good luck pulling with the squat bar for some of my speed work. It's a bit thicker.


I definitely disagree with that, haha.


Do you do any dedicated grip work besides the COC gripper?

And personally I feel stronger using a mixed grip on singles than with straps, i.e. I have pulled a single with a mixed grip, then missed the same weight on another occasion that I was using straps. I think the mixed grip changes the mechanics of the lift slightly


Nope, only the grippers. I have recently been using grenade balls to do all my curls, but that's really more for novelties' sake. It gets me to do curls, haha.

I can pull singles with straps as comfortably as I can without. It took a while to get used to them, but once I did it worked out well. It also got me to stop fucking around at the start of the pull and learn how to just get my air and go.


Heavy farmer's walks.


I agree with the no straps. Cant use them in comp so not get dependent on them.


I'll say that I only ever pull without straps in competition and I am not dependent on them. Rather than avoiding straps so you don't get dependent on them, I would say just use them and don't get dependent on them.


Here's my take on straps and grip training since that's kind of where the conversation led us. Not that I'm a super great powerlifter or anything, but if there's one thing I've never had an issue with, it's my grip. Relatively speaking it might be my strongest aspect lol!

Never use straps. Make sure you deadlift heavy without them. Make sure you do Kroc rows without them (this is probably the most important). Do all your other upper back work without them.

That being said, here's where it's okay to use straps imo lol:
rack pulls
anything snatch grip

That's worked for me. I use CoC sometimes, but I probably don't train with them often enough to really credit them for much. For what it's worth I mostly do timed holds with the #2.


Well thanks guys for all the input. I guess you got you right on that. I was thinking about buying some starps so I can go heavy. But I'll just put that off and wait for my grip to catch up to the rest of my body. I'm about to start pct any how so I'm going to loose some of my power anyhow :frowning: But I'll get it back


I've noticed when my grip starts to fail, it starts with the pinky finger. I got a cheap gripper and flip it upside down and hold it for time with my pinky & ring fingers. Has helped me a lot.

Sorry for the poor quality pic.


csulli's 'snatch grip anything' is a good suggestion.

I would suggest going ahead and getting straps. your avatar picture is not exactly the greatest angle, but it looks like you've got some legitimate development going on. If your grip is limiting you to a 350 deadlift, it would seem that you are missing out on some serious gains. I would train your grip as much as you can concurrently to using straps. That way you can start pulling heavier weights immediately. I've never understood why someone would want to limit the benefits of the deadlift outside of grip just because their grip isn't strong enough yet. Isn't the goal to make everything stronger?


Could not have put it better. Limiting entire body growth to your grip is just silly. I would rather than stronger hamstrings, glutes, upper back, lower back, lats, etc and a weaker grip than a stronger grip and weaker everything else.


I wouldn't invest in a pair of straps, what's the point of developing strength in something such as the deadlift if you couldn't actually do it in a meet because of weak grip? I usually devote about 20-30 min after every deadlift session just for developing grip. Heavy shrugs, farmers walks, timed holds, front raises using two 25 plates(just pinch the plates together and do a front raise), and doing lifts with the bulky part of the dumbbell. I usually like to do my light to moderate sets (135-250) with double overhand, then move onto an overhand underhand grip. I find that this has all improved my grip tremendously. Hope this helps.