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Building Grip Strength/Speed


I have a horrid time with straight bar deads because when i get up to 300lbs i cant hold on for more then 3-5 reps.I've heard people mention the captain of crush grippers,but I wanted to know if I should get an idividual finger strength builder would help/speed my grip

www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=223&pid=452 Captain of crush


Grip master



Rock-climbing requires insane grip strength.

I used to use these a lot when I climbed more often. They work pretty dandy.

Other than getting a pair of those the two best excercise for grip strength are straight-bar hangs. When you finish your pull-ups (palms facing out) then just hang on to the bar as long as you can without falling off. This will build strength and endurance.

For pure strength, my climber buddy used to to do "finger curls". No shit. He would just hold a dumbell (usually 50-60 pounds) and roll the dumbell down to the tips of his fingers without dropping it, then roll it back up.



This guys is doing finger-curls with a 45 pound plate. Up and down, release and squeeze. Just don't drop the plate on your toe. :slightly_smiling:


go to www.dieselcrew.com for grip training.


Farmer's walks are also good. I would keep going with the deadlifts though, even though your grip is the first to go, it's still getting trained. If you stick with it, you'll gain grip strength.


Have you tried alternate grip on deadlifts?

Oh and the captains of crush grippers kick ass and you won't get sweet FA benfits from squeezing a rubber doughnut.


Alternate grip is more of a band-aid to the problem tho. Don't get me wrong, I use it when I can't hold on to double over anymore but grip training is the soloution here.


I'm not gonna stop doing deads,I love'em.I do farmers walk with 85lbs for 3 laps around my gym,I normally have to drop them halfway and i take a 30-60 second break between laps.I believe that rock climbers need insane grip I just dont think that blue circle would build it up to where I need.I will try to finger curls and I'll try the hanging but my gym doesnt have a straight bar to do chins/pull-ups


Hang off a smith machine of power rack then.


I was reading something very interesting test of grip strength: First, crush an apple in your hand, then a clove of garlic, and finally a raw potato.


That sounds pretty cool. Except I think you'd get stronger by just eating them.

Oh, and try using a hook grip for deads. You get a stronger grip for deads and a stronger thumb for general gripping purposes, IMHO.


This must be one of those things where it sounds way too easy until you try it...