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Building Glutes Using Sled Pushes

Hi Coach,

Can a long-limbed lifter build their glutes using sled pushes? I’ve tried upright as well as keep my hips high but hands low. Despite taking long strides and trying to focus on my glutes I feel it mostly in my calves. Maybe I should strike with my heel?

What would be the correct technique for using this movement to target the glutes?

I’m interested in this as well. I’ve experienced exactly the same thing as a fellow long legged lifter.

My guess would be to either drag the sled forward or pull the sled backwards whilst pushing from the heel of the foot and keeping the toes slighty elevated. I’m not sure though as I haven’t tried this out yet.

Not Thib (and short legged), but here is what has worked for me personally.

Lighten the load and increase the distance/duration of a set: this will allow you to push from your whole foot (think more of a walk/march rather than an all out sprint or maximal effort) rather than from your toes which brings the quads more into play. Depending on the source, glutes are 70:30 slow twitch to fast twitch fibers (or 50:50). Sleds are a good compliment to heavy barbell work that are addressing the latter.

Slow the movement down (long, smooth strides is the cue I use, sounds like you have the former in mind already).

Focus on fully extending your leg at the end of each stride.

Backwards drags heavily recruit the quads in my experience.

Try pulling a sled backwards with your body almost completely upright and a band just above your hips. Push strictly from the heels and keep your toes up.

You will feel those glutes working mate. Just give it a go and if you’re sceptical about it (which I completely understand, especially if you’re short legged), look up prowler sleds for massive hamstrings and glutes from wenning strength.

This works great, tried it out today. Going slow and actively trying to pull the floor back with your foot while maximally extending the hip provided a great stimulus.

I’m a type 3 though, type 1A or 1B’s will literally want to die of boredom if this is prescribed in their program.

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If you have a harness, pulling it forward and keeping the legs straight/walking on heels will work.

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