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Building for a Better Tomorrow

That’s true and it might not be a bad thing :smiley:

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Workout at home today
Seated Db press 14, 10 x 12kg 4 x 16kg
Chin ups 7, 2, 2 x body weight 10 breaths between groups of reps
Dips 8 x 7.5kg
Neg chin ups 6 x 12kg
Neg dips 7 x 17kg
1 arm curl 6 x 12kg

Decent session, hoping the negatives will make things feel lighter next time.


Back at the gym again.
Leg press 20, 7, 2 x 128kg 10 breaths between groups of reps
1 Arm low cable row 10, 5 x 38kg
Cable pullover 10, 4 x 26kg
Chest press 8 x 53kg
Seated press 8, 2 x 22kg

Decent session, moved a lot faster between exercises so overall the session took less time.


Tonight’s session was about doing something rather than nothing.

Mid range chin up 14 x body weight
Top range chin up 14 x body weight
Lower range chin up 14 x body weight
9” bench press 12 x 50kg 6 x 57k
Lateral raise 8 x 7.5kg
Kb upright row 15, 12 x 16kg
Pullover 20, 20 x 24kg


At the gym again, had no enthusiasm at all until I got there and started.
Seated row 8,2,2 x 57kg straight in to single arm 3 x 57kg
Cable pullover 8,2,2 x 31kg
Chest press 8,1/2, 0 x 53kg - 1/2 was left arm got to lockout, right one didn’t
Seated OHP 6,1,1 x 26kg
Leg press 20, 4, 2, x 132kg, 1 leg negative 1 x 117kg

10 breaths between groups of reps on everything.


At home.
Goblet Squat 20, 12, 10 x 30kg
Chin up 20 x 1 bodyweight, no more than 6 breaths between reps
Bench 20 x 1 55kg, no more then 7 breaths between reps

Trying out PITT Force style upper body to decide if I want to do a full cycle of it. Next week will be a break and then a new cycle starting after that.

I’m probably the worst bench presser in the world, I’m pretty much designed for deadlifting, my knuckles are just off the ground when deadlifting and just below the ceiling when benching :grinning:


German PITT force…havent heard about that for a few years. Quite severe. I personally preferred something Drew Baye talked about a several years back, whereby you take 5 second rest pauses between each rep. Dont think he advocates it any more.


I’d not heard of Drew Baye’s version. That’s also worth considering.

It is quite severe so recovery may be an issue but I’m interested to try it with very small increases in weight to see how it goes.

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I personally liked the set RPs periods, 5 seconds in DBs case, with Pitt force however the RP extends (by as much as 20 seconds) as each rep becomes harder and harder to complete. So essentially you end up completing several out all or near all out reps within the same set. I felt it was too much of a good thing…that being said, both ways increased my strength.

Enjoy :+1:

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Thanks for the insight, I do expect the pauses to become longer as the weights increase. It sort of reminds me of breathing squats which is why I’m keen to see what it does.

Not sure if enjoy is the right word, but thanks :smiley:

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