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building delts


do you guys see the point in dedicating a full workout day to shoulders? i've seen many splits that do, but the shoulders are a rather small part of the body, and tend to be involved in so many other exercises. would it suffice to just throw some military presses on chest/tri day and a little rear delt work added to back day? or, are they truly unique enough to merit a full workout (shoulder/traps workout). i follow a 5x5 plan
allright, thanks


When I'm on a 5 day split I do a full shoulder day...on a 4 day split I do what you suggested.

I nearly never do any anterior work unless a specific program calls for it. But I find it gets overworked with all the chest pushing excercises, while medial and posterior shoulders easily lag.

Don't just "throw in" a few sets of something. That's lazy! Dedicate specific time, and effort to the body part (whichever it may be). It doesn't have to be a day on it's own, but give it the respect it deserves and you'll notice solid gains.


i dont think so. a lot of people dont even train shoulders directly, i havent for months. when your training back and chest heavy your shoulders are getting a lot of indirect work.

but it all depends on your development, if shoulders are a weak point for you, you might want to prioritize them.

personally i just throw in some lateral raises on arms day.



As you say, military presses and rear delt work on the appropriate days.



I think it's relative to where your shoulders are compared to the rest of your physique. For example, I have a history of shoulder injuries so I need to focus on building strong shoulders, funtionally, and integrity-wise. So I think it's important for me to dedicate a day to shoulders. I'm currently doing OVT so I have that day. On other programs, I've paired shoulder work with legs, always doing shoulders first so I hit 'em hard when I'm fresh. I consider my upper chest and shoulders to be my weakest parts so I always focus on hitting them first in the appropriate workouts


total up to personal preference. i havent done direct should work in about 6 month and i think they are looking pretty good to be honest. heavy bench dips and back work, not to mention a couple of cycles of olympic lifting have been the main stay since last novemeber