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Building Deadlift Boxes?


So since I've f*cked up my back a handful of times, I'm taking some time off from deadlifts.

Probably 3-4mo until I start doings some trap deads.

Once I get back into regular dead lifts, I think that doing some with the bar raised 4-8" would be good for my back. I figure that I might want to make some dense boxes for this reason.

Has anyone done this? Success?

Or is this idea just really retarded and I'm a big idiot? lol


Good idea, I want to do the same.My suggestion get yourself some rough cut slabs of oak and pile them ontop of each other till you have your desired height.Glue them together and Put some sort of feet on the bottom so they sit flat.You could drop 800 lbs on oak all day and it wouldnt flinch.

Try a salvage yard or swap meet for the wood or call around to some lumber yards and see if they have any small chunks laying around, then get them planed flat.


I find that elevated deads actually put more stress on my lower back. if you think about it, the lower portion of a dead is initiated by the quads, hips and groin. it isn’t until the weight reaches knee level that the lower really comes into play.

lately, i’ve been training my sticking point which is just below the knee. my lower back has really started to become irritated. the reason is that in a normal dead, my speed off the floor helps to keep the stress on my lower back to a minimum. starting from a dead stop at my sticking point places all that stress directly on my lower back. the movement is still very effective but i need to lay off of them to give my lower back a break. if you already have lower back issues, elevated pulls may aggrevate the problem.

i would look into doing specific back work to rehab the area and then start back with full ROM deads keeping it light. once you are fully healed, then look into elevated deads.