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Building CV Fitness


HI all,

As well as being 20% bf I'm also pretty damn unfit, so decided to start sprinting today Post-Workout. I found I could only run about 20 seconds (albeit fast) before needing to rest for half a minute. I repeated this 4 times with slightly decreasing run durations and slightly increasing rest durations. My cv system ached a little afterwards

Am I right in thinking I simply need to repeat the above daily and improve continually until I can sprint 4 minutes, rest 2, and repeat 3 times?


I’m not sure anyone in the world can sprint at top speed for four straight minutes. Sprints are a good way to increase your conditioning but your approach is way off. Most people work on 100/200/300/400 meter sprints. Personally I run a mile warm up and then sprint the straight away and walk the turns at the my local high school track. I usually do 8 or 10 sprints. Running as hard as I can. There are lots of different sprint programs out there so just Google away and you’ll find something.


Take a look at the ‘running man’ article on this site.