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Building Conditioning and Maintaining Strength?

My 16 year old brother and I train together. Usually in powerlifting/strongman style. We’ve been doing conjugate. I’ve got a meet this weekend so I’m deloading. The plan is after to jump into higher volume followed by carries and such for a bit to get some conditioning and lose some weight. He’s gained 40-50 pounds in the last 6 month’s. This kid is absolutely massive for his age and height. 18 1/2 arms. Squatting close to 400 to depth. So yesterday I had him do a squat workout 531 style and by the end his face is turning blue. He says he’s about to pass out. He looks in shape but he has no conditioning whatsoever. What would be the best way to ease him into conditioning while maintaining strength?
I’m thinking just upping volume a little each week…

Superset various movements and do easy conditioning work on off-days.

What do you mean by “workout 531 style”?

Push a prowler or sled on off days. Simple

It doesn’t stress joints much at all and tends to leave your spine unloaded so there’s no need to worry about impacting performance. Start with the empty sled and shoot for a total distance, like 100 metres. Try to reduce the number of rests needed until you get it in one hit. Then add some weight and repeat.

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