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Building Chin-Up Reps

You might want to check out the thread about Jason Armstrong who did 2406 pullups in 12 hours…breaking the world record (at age 16).

A lot of guys are slagging the kid on the site asking dumb questions like, “How much does he squat.” The answer is, it doesn’t matter, he trained to do chin-ups.

The reason I mention this is that his father, a former Marine Major, once held the world record as well, and developed a program for increasing one’s reps. It is called the “Armstrong Pull-Up Plan” and can be found on almost EVERY Marine Officer Candidate website. You can just google it and find it.

If too lazy to do that, then, here is a link:


Just scroll down to the Physical Training portion and click on the link (there is an alternate program there as well, just so you can change up after 4 weeks and do something different).

I am not a jarhead (I am in the Army), but, if there is one thing those jabronis do well, it is pullups.

Good luck.

This november I started doing chin ups with a couple guys at school during break, before lunch, and after lunch and ive upped my chin ups from 13 to 20 in 2 months. I say whenever you have the chance just do some chin ups, you might get some stares like your a freak or something for (god forbid) exercising and not sitting around and doing nothing but who cares what the hell they think.

People come up to us almost everyday and ask us why we do chin ups everyday and we just ignore them, dont let idiots get in the way of your training

Best of luck reaching your goal
N. Robinson

The is an article on this website, keep your chin up… Here is the link: