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Building Chest Width?


So in my pursuit of a body I love, I've realized my chest is lagging behind my back and shoulders.

I'm wondering whether it's possible to preferentially build the width of my chest as opposed to making it deeper, or whether one has to accompany the other. If it is possible to go for width, what movements/exercises would support this type of growth?

Hopefully the pic below helps to explain the aesthetic I'm after-- maybe it's just the lighting, but the muscle seems to go further to the sides..


ummm pretty sure it has to do with building overall chest SIZE


Yeah you really can't just build one part of one muscle. Just doesn't work that way. If you build your chest and have a big chest, it will look wide as a result.


It just happens as you train.

There was a point where i realized my pecs were popping out the side more, outside of my arm pits. I didn't change any training, the muscle just started expanding that way. My arm pits are very concave due to the fact that I have thick muscle in my back, and some muscle up front.


That is very much a function of genetics


I could be mistaken, but I believe that you are at the mercy of your genentics when dealing with this issue.


Well shooting from a pure asthetic stand point can be difficult. are you skinny? not skinny? fat? Fat laying on the muscle makes to hard to see the shape of your muscle currently to even guess as to how it looks without a layer of fat.

That being said you cant necessarily mold your body into a photo. Everyones different genetically and structurally.

Best way is to just develop your chest using a wide variety of excersisces. Dips, flys benches, use barbells dumbells, cables, pushups. Vary grips...

I think you get the idea.


So you want a big chest and skinny ass arms?