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Building Boulder Shoulders


I have two buddies who can't seem to build their shoulders up no matter what they do. I can't really offer them any advice because my shoulders grew like weeds from jump.

Has anyone had this problem, and what did they do? They already do military presses, arnold presses, dumbbell raises, etc.


They might do them... but what kind of weight are they using?

You probably won't find guys with small(as long as their genetics don't suck) shoulders who are overhead pressing 365x10 or using the 140 lb dumbbells for 10-15


Agreed, also, if they aren't gaining any weight and growing all over, why would they expect their shoulders to grow much?

Tell them to tell you how their shoulders have improved after they gain another 20lbs and increase the weight on all of their lifts.


Charles Glass offers some interesting training techniques working w/ Joel Stubbs and Silvio Samuel. On laterals to truly stress the medial head palms face back, not at the sides and at the top of the movement pink up thumb down.

the movement requires less weight and completing a full range of motion, most people go too heavy and sling the weight around, thereby not stressing the medial head enough.

Prof X and Scott M are correct: heavy presses, food, rest, repeat. IF the whole body is growing the shoulders will grow in accordance.

Also: Silvio and Stubbs are already big fuckers.


Good advice, I usually don't work shoulders with them and I bet they aren't doing something right. I'll have to see for myself.