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Building bigger tri's

This kind of follows up on a post that I put up a few weeks ago. I was having trouble switching over to barbell exercises from dumbbells for my chest workout. I have been hitting tri’s a little harder than usual and have seen some improvement. Now I was wondering what are some good exercises I could do to hit the long head of the tri. (I was told that is the key building larger tri’s) If that is wrong let me know. Just probing for info. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

close-grip benches, dips and extensions (french presses, skull crushers, dumbbell extensions).

For the long head of the triceps arm positioning is important. The exercises that will allow the greatest activation of the long head are those exercises where your arms are overhead and next to your ears…examples (one arm overhead dumbell extension, overhead ez bar extensions, incline extensions, kneeling rope extensions, and any type of skullcrusher type movement where you’re bringing the bar back behind your head instead of to your forehead.)