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Building Bigger Legs


I would like to put alot of mass on my lower body but I'm still trying to incorporate squats. Can some people post their quads and hamstrings rountine so I can get a good idea of a good leg workout.

Anybody have any opinions on V-Squats?
Hack Squats?
Leg Extensions for mass?
Can lunges build mass?

(On leg presses what do you find to be the most beneficial foot placement for mass and what should my range of movement be?)

Thanks again.



There are a ton of routines out there, and I'm sure different things work differently for different people. Personally, I find the best growth in the leg department when I'm following an HST cycle. My leg routine consists solely of squats and SLDL's performed 3 times per week, 2-3 sets maximum for each day, increasing weight each day, and lowering rep ranges as the cycle progresses. (i.e. a standard HST full body routine).


From all indications (watching the Olympics):


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Anyways, try some belt squats, hack squats, 20 rep squat routine deadlifts and good mornings thrown into the mix for good measure. I've done well off it


I have been doing pilates and it has made my legs huge, You should try it out.


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Quads: front squat to BB lunge or box squat to narrow stance back squat or wide back squat to BB lunge.

Hams: RDL's to stiff deads or sumo deads to RDL's. Sometimes I'll add leg curls.


This might be kinda like blashpemy: Start sprinting. Run short distances as fast as possible. Or sprint up hill then jog to the bottom. (great for weight loss too if thats one of your goals)


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an instructor at my school had an opportunity to train at the US olympic compound when he was a collegiate wrestler and he said he saw a female speed skater with the biggest legs he'd ever seen stand between two high boxes and she would jump on them alternating from left-ground-right-ground-etc using only one leg at a time... some crazy shit to me. i bet she had a killer vert


have any on advice for a source on pilates?


If you are a beginner you might just want to concentrate on a whole body program for now to get your basic strength levels up to par.
If you have been lifting for a few years, try CT's Pillars of Strength program; it's a serious leg program.


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Intensity + Commitment = Results