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Building Bigger Ass and Hips


I have a thin friend who is a girl who wants a bigger ass and hips. Besides narrow full squats for her ass, what can she do to get a bigger ass and wider hips?


Lunges, romanian deadlifts, and more squats.


If she's cute I'd recommend manually massaging the area.

Oh... squats, deadlifts and more food probably wouldn't hurt either.


I would say box squats would be a better option than olympic style squats. Good Mornings and lunges should round out a workout that is guaranteed to build an ass on someone.


Personally just plain old traditional deadlifts seem to work my glutes better than anything else. I guess the disadvantage would be that she would have to either have access to a trap bar, or be willing to scrape up her shins (which might not be likely).

And yeah, doing box squats (or powerlifting style squats in general) tend to do a better job of hitting the posterior chain than do olympic squats. I would also throw in some extra hamstring work (Good mornings, Romanians, lunges, etc...) personally, but this depends on if she is more hamstring or glute dominant.

Good training,



Full Olympic Squats (ass to the ground) along with the lunges and other stuff mentioned above.


My wife's skinny, but her butt grew when she started doing squats with me. She's up to 95x5.

It's hard for women to deadlift without training plates, because most of them wouldn't be able to start with 135 lbs.


Try supersetting good mornings or SLDL or hyperextensions with full ROM leg presses. Be sure you are getting the full ROM for the leg press through hip flexibility and NOT by rounding the lower back, ie. lifting your butt off the seat...


I combat this problem by setting the bar on top of exercise steps (plates sitting on the steps) for my wife. One of the more effective uses of those steps that I have seen in my gym, in my opinion. Hopefully she's up to 135 soon and then there's no issue, plus you get a strong chick. Win win.


I've always found that walking lunges build my glutes like crazy. In fact, I have to limit them.


Absolutely correct. To fully activate the glutes you MUST be able to lock out your hips. It's not possible to completely lock out your hips with the bar on your upper back. If you tried to completely lock out a squat or good morning you'd fall over backwards.

I discuss this in my next article.


Why is this important to lock out your hips? I know it could be considered full range of motion, but deadlifts are done based on your strength through the lower ranges of motion, isnt it too easy in the upper 6th rom to say it is the moneymaking portion of the lift?


Thanks everyone, i'll pass this along to her




As far as the aesthetics are concerned with your female friend, I'm assuming that by "wider hips" she doesn't mean more muscle packed on there. She should know that was ultimately puberty's decision to be made. Either genetics was on her part, or not.


I'll be damned, I actually learned something today. Even if it IS something I should have figured out on my own long ago...


"Bigger ass and hips?", Donuts.



wide stance squats
sumo dead lifts


Sumo deadlifts are the most effective in targeting glutes, in my experience


Squats, either ATG or wide stance.
Walking Barbell Lunges
Glute Ham Raise