Building Better Arm Strength

Due to work and college i work out 3 days a week. i use a split routine and about every 3 to 4 weeks i switch it up to total body for one week. my workout consist mainly of compound lifts. with these lifts my biceps get worked of course so i dont really do much(one or two curl sets a week) isolated lifts to target biceps. i was wondering if i should try to add in more to build better arm strength and if so is once a week cool?

I don’t think once a week will give you much noticeable benefit. If you want your biceps to be stronger perform heavy curls at least twice a week.

Pick a weight that allows you to complete something like 3x3, 6x1(rest-pause) or 5x2 without burning out.

This is an emphasis on biceps maximal strength only i.e. you will be able to curl more weight. Volume must be small and the more often you train the less volume you use.

i agree with majin,I have to work my arms 2-3x a week to gain size,but once a week can give me strength