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Building Better Abs While Gaining Weight?


I'm wondering if it's possible to build better abs while gaining weight. Building bulkier abs is fine I don't need to be all cut but I'm wondering how to achieve while also eating big. Basically I'm wondering how to build bulkier abs like some powerlifters have while gaining weight since I know getting all cut up and getting a six pack or whatever is pretty much impossible.


Definitely possible and plenty of ways to do it.

Here's one particular method that would certainly work:

Add 50lbs to your weighted chins/pullups
Add 100lbs to your BB rows
Add 150lbs to your squat
Add 200lbs to your deadlift


Yeah. Nobody has ever really achieved that. Just a myth.


While gaining a significant amount weight?


Just keep doing your ab exercises while you gain. They'll be there when you cut.


I'm gaining weight for football though I'm not going to cut.


If you properly train your abdominals (as well as all your other body parts) and diet correctly then there should be no reason why you don't have decent abs..


captain obvious to the rescue

if it was this ez we'd all be the hulk by now



From what I've read here before and my experience (I've been doing PL for the last year) BB and PL train abs differently. In BB the idea is to train abs without adding bulk, to maintain a slim waist. In PL, the idea is to add as much strength AND girth/mass as possible so you have a stronger core, and wider center of gravity which will help you lift bigger.

That said, if you're bulking and training abs for strength I'd recommend land mines, ab wheel rollouts, woodchops, anything that really builds up your core. Seems as though you're not concerned about "losing" your abs, so just train them hard every training session and they will get stronger.

Also, check out StormTheBeach's ab exercises..


"gaining weight" or "bulking" doesnt = turning into a huge fat ass

While attempting to gain weight, the point is to GAIN MUSCLE not just weight.

Will you probably gain some body fat while attempting to gain muscle/bulk? Yes, probably... but you dont have to turn into a blob just cause you're "bulking"


Wat cleaner on your bulk bro

Get stronger on your lifts.


Thanks for the advice everybody I'm trying to eat as clean as possible and it's not that I've gained a significant ammount of fat with the muscle but my abs aren't where I want them. What do you guys think of adding this to my program:



heh I didn't say it was ez.

just that it would DEFINITELY accomplish the OP's goal...




I was using my phone and typing too fast. It was a typo, I meant "eat."


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