Building a Upper Chest

Just a log to keep me accountable
Current weight/height: 152 pounds at 5’10. When the pandemic struck in March 2020 i lost a ton of weight, down to 130 pounds, so i’m trying to get back to 170.
Started out just doing starting strength with a few buddies (i only did lower body because of shoulder issues) when i was 16, roughly at 155 pounds BW, and got a 285 squat for 5 and a 375X5 Deadlift, and then i got Piriformis Syndrome and stopped training for 3 years. (May be that starting strenght isn’t that great of a program, or i was just being stupid)
Last year i trained a little on and off because of closed gyms. Now i’m trying to get in as much as i can until the gyms close again.

I’m doing a 5 day split, i.e Back, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Arms
Yesterdays Chest workout:
Low DB Incline: 50 % set, where i ramp up to a 10RM, rest 60 seconds and do reps to failure again.
Flat DB Press: 50 % set
Cable High Incline Press: 50 % set
Low to High Cable Fly: 2 sets Chest Dirty 30 (Mechanical Drop)

My goals are to really bring up my Upper Chest, Lateral Delts and Lats, but especially my upper chest, as its severely lagging.

If anybody here has some input into my training, any criticism is greatly appreciated.

These really work. Jus be careful. I do them 2nd or 3rd when I know I’m warmed up.