Building a Sprint Sled

Appologies if this has been asked before but does anyone have any plans for building a sprint sled? I will be using it with about 10kg resistance.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any specific plans for a sprint sled but my old coach had a home made one. Really basic, just a peice of ply wood with 2 peices of wood underneath, and a pole for putting plates of weight on… I think the hardest part is attaching the rope, if you don’t get it in the right spot your sled will be all over the place when your pulling it.

This is relevant to my interests, any plan that is good enough for mechanical retards like me to follow would be much appreciated. :smiley:

Get a used tire, bolt a piece of 3/4" or 1" plywood to the bottom, preferably treated wood. Then bolt an eye hook through the tire on one side to hook your rope or whatever you want to use to pull it (you may want to reinforce the eye hook with large washers). Go to one of the hunting sites and for about 15.00 including the shipping buy a harness to drag a deer with and your all set. This is a very cheap way to build one.

I bought one off Ebay for 60 bucks including shipping. It is very well built and it can hold 4-500 hundred lbs. I use it pretty often and it has held up great with 250-350 lbs on it. Just search sleds on ebay and scroll through, there are quite a few available that are reasonably priced.

For pulling the easiset way is a tire + eye bolt + wood + rope

For pushing just use your car/truck and your girlfriend can steer.

Dude I’m not trying to be a dick but look at the picture:

You don’t really need complex schematics for this. You could literally print off a picture of that and hand it to a local welder and they will be able to throw a couple pieces of metal together and make it for you for like $40.

All great suggestions!
I look forward to building it. The hardest part will be attaching the rope to my body as mentioned above.