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Building a Sled? Questions


I'm going to fabricate a sled, something similar to the econo-prowler. I have a few questions.

1) How fast do the skidz wear on pavement? What gauge steel would you recommend for the skids?

2) What is the total weight of your unloaded sled?

3) Are the low push bars as worthless as they seem?

4) What would be the most bangn paint job for one of these mf'ers? I'm thinking tiger stripe cammo!


Not sure what material they use on the skies but the low handles are the suck- don't leave them out.


Don't know if you just wanna build one or if the Prowler is too pricey, but if you have a Dicks' sporting goods where you are they actually carry a line of sleds that are built just like prowlers. I got one for under $200.00 and it's pretty damn durable.


1) I heat treated mine, and the parking lot is soft. They wear the parking lot. Your milleage may vary. Make sure you plan for replacement regardless. Very little steel, and a couple bolts now will save you alot of grinding later.

2) It weighs what it weighs. Unless your planning to have some sort of formal competition, it shouldn't matter.

3) If by worthless, you mean difficult and worthwhile than yes.

4) Hot pink.


I like building things and I'm cheap. haha


How did you bend the skids? Vice and a torch?

hot pink? fuck that


You can make it out of some timber, 100mm x 47mm.