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Building a Sled From a Tire

I’ve read several articles on sled training on this site and have made a sled using a tire, loading some weights inside it. I feel pretty stupid though. Several posts talk about putting a wood platform inside the tire.

How the hell do you get the wood platfrom inside a tire? The platform needs to be bigger than the hole in the tire so it won’t fall out, but how do you get a platform larger than the hole inside the tire? By the way, sand tubes like people use to add weight to their pickup trucks are great for weight. They’re a heavier bag than other sandbags I’ve seen and cheaper, $2.50 for a 70 lb bag at my local bigbox home store. Thanks.

You can just get a relatively big tire thats about 100lbs, and depending on what you’re doing, that’ll be enough when you use it on concrete.

To put the wood inside the tire just use 2 or 3 pieces. I use 2 pieces, 2 2x8’s work well (the same boards as I use for a board press). Just put them in one at a time, side by side. Then you put the weights on top of them and the weights should hold everything in place and you’ll be fine.

If you have any other questions about it let me know.

Thanks guys. I need to transport it in a Civic sometimes so I’m using a regular car tire. Appreciate the tip on the multiple boards, the pictures I’ve seen look like there’s just one piece in there.

4 pieces of 1 x 4 and a handful of screws.