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Building a Prowler


actually i decided instead of spending 300 something bucks on a prowler im just going to build my own. anyone have any experience with building one? i know some carpenters and welders who can help me out and im contemplating whether i want to use metal or wood


There were blueprints posted on this forum a while back. Thats what i made mine from. Although from experience now i will have to modify it and raise the T-bar handle about a foot so i can push the fucker. Definitely go with the metal if u can.


why dont you just push your car?



this is a great read.



because i dont want to. when i want to push a car, ill post something about it. the reason why im posting about building a prowler is because right now my mind is focused on building a prowler. Cool huh??????????


yea definitely going with metal. im going to build the prowler 2 model ill post a pic of it when its finished.


Here's mine. Like i said the T-bar handle is too low. I will post another pic after its modified.


Wanted to ask, if it's too low, is it too hard to push or causes back pain/imbalances etc?

i dont have prowler, but ive got this big ass tyre that i though of fitting it with a "platform" in side to hold the weights to push ala prowler. Thing is, it's kinda low, roughly midpoint between the floor and my knee height. So since your problem is regarding height, i thought i'd be able to relate.

btw TS, good luck on building your prowler. I wish i could also.


how high should the t-bar be?


Well my T-bar sits about 10" off the ground. Judging by images and videos on the net i'd say the ideal height should be about another 7-8" above that.

If anyone does have an 'original' prowler i would appreciate the measurement from the ground to the top T-bar.

Mowgly it puts my body in an odd position using the current T-bar. I can push it with no weight but as soon as i put plates on i cannot get any traction and always end up on my knees.


yeah it should be a few inches above where the 2 poles start from what ive seen in pictures