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Building a Prowler, Need Dimensions


I am thinking of building my own prowler/sled such as the ones shown in the links:


Does anyone know where I can find some schematics or lend advice as to dimensions for the bars that make the base? Thanks.


Why don't you just buy one and stop trying to rip off someone's product. Or just Google "homemade push sled" and use those.

Think about it: Why should someone, who bought a Prowler, provide you with the dimensions because you're too cheap to buy one.


Because Prowlers are fucking ridiculously expensive to buy. Especially when it costs little more than a pittance to make them if you know what you are doing.
Example: I got my prowler for 70euro of a friend who knew how to weld. Cheapest price I can find for one locally is 220euro. And to get one shipped from the states(there were no local suppliers back when I got mine) would have cost 700fucking euro.

OP, somebody on here posted these dimensions a while back. I can't remember who it was but since they posted it publicly I doubt they'll mind my reposting of them.