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Building a Power Cage



I have been lurking a while, and have certainly been learning a few things. Now I would like to build a power cage/power rack/squat cage to get to some free weights. Having not had much experience with these, I am looking for opinions about what options, or features that you have liked or found useful on the models that you have used.

So far I have:
1. The height of the top bar allowing for overhead lifts
2. A straight chin bar
3. Plate storage

I am particularly interested in the type of hooks (how they are adjusted) that people liked to use for the bar. Alternately, are the hooks just a pain in the ass, and if you build a larger rack, they won't get in the way if you have multiple pairs on it.

Thank you.


just buy a dam rack


I built mine with two pull-up bars, one standard 1.25" and a fat one at 2"; I just used pipe as the supports on the top of the cage.

I made my rack 8' high on the inside, which is at least 6" taller than I needed; I would make my rack 7'6" if I were to do it again. I made my rack extra deep, as I really like having plenty of room in the rack; the disadvantage is that I am more likely to kink the pins if I drop a squat; but making new pins is no big deal, and I have not had to do it yet.

I copied the design for hooks off of a standard commercial rack.

Overall I enjoyed making my rack, but it took a lot of time. All of the racks I found commercially available were made from tube for the uprights. I wanted mine made with channel for the uprights so I could zinc all sides and prevent the rack from rusting because I keep it outdoors.



Or just buy a damn rack

Or be lazy and cheap and clean the bar for front squats and military presses and do db floor press.

Or go to google, type site:T-Nation.com and seatch for build rack or something

Or http://velocity.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/building_a_squat_rack_1

Or piiyp?


I got a cheap one for under 300 Bucks. I've beaten the hell out of it for years and it's still standing (though nothing on it is at a 90deg. angle anymore).


I looked into building one too. Waste of time and money.

I got this one for $322. Good enough so far.




I got a decent power rack, 900lbs of Olympic weight, a straight bar, curl bar, dumbel handles, bench and plate tree for $500.


you could build one out of scaffolding .to adjust the pins just undo the clamps with a spanner plus you can keep adding to , a bit like a big meccano set ( man that shows my age )


What are some decent racks for the house? I am not into building and would rather buy one!


Sam Sneed got a really great deal. I sell that rack for $399 plus tax.